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  1. Is this the last official place that we will ever see #binjin?? If it were, I am so gutted I love you so much Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin! You both are great actor and actress! and I ship you guys like crazy! ♥️♥️♥️ I have been keeping track of this thread since Aug 2019. I love seeing the both of you together.
  2. adding on to the list, i would think would be eternal monarch (Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun), especially since it would be Lee Min Ho's debut after his enlistment and Kim Go Eun's strong traction from Goblin. and Kingdom season 2 too! Odear what an intense competition this year brings. Hoping that our #grocerycouple maintains the crown for 2nd highest viewership for a long long time and bags the most awards at the upciming awards coz Im protective like that!
  3. yea what a waste! it was over 300 pages full of insights? haha! hoping they recover it soon! xx
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