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  1. @shazbinjin Yeah you’re probably right on that one but for the most part I have heard it’s loved more than it is not Sometimes people just dislike/hate on something cause of the so-called hype, so they may not even judge it based on merit itself, thats why some say CLOY is overrated etc. or maybe I too had too high of expectations thinking CLOY could be like the kDrama equivalent of Parasite. Technically it has that parallel in which they both lured the international audience into K-Ent, so it’s hard not to feel bad about what happened. we will move on from this but it just still
  2. Is anyone else having withdrawals already from not receiving more updates after yesterday/today Funny how we managed to persevere like a camel in all those months of drought in BinJin desert. But the moment they start dropping the candies, it instantly becomes BinJin paradise and all that training is gone lol and become more thirsty and hungry than ever.
  3. Yeah I totally get you, I mean our frustration does not need to mean disrespecting the winners, it’s just a matter of difference in opinion I guess. And yeah basically the fact that they got so many nominations also created the expectation that they would bag at least some awards! It irritates me the more I think back about both HB and SYJ’s acting, they are so elite. Oh well if anything, perhaps we can just hope and pray that CLOY opens the door for them to better opportunities and better recognition in the future.
  4. Is this really legit, i almost refuse to believe it because that’s just unbelievably crap.... to not even be considered, is downright insulting, given the quality and calibre they showed on CLOY. I just don’t get it at all. I still can’t believe it. And if it’s really about the political factor, doesn’t it just prove that they didn’t have a fair shot to begin with? Ughhh, still frustrates me. It would be such a crime if CLOY doesn’t get ANY award from hereon but after BAA, I don’t have any expectations anymore.
  5. Whoahhhh Ye Jin-ssi!!! My heart flutters just by her simple action of liking all those posts. I also can’t help but think what if this was her way of reacting to the comments about HB being all cold to her and just wants us to know that her classy man is treating her just fine We know he looks at you like you’re like the only woman in the world, Ye Jin-ssi!!
  6. Sigh I want to ignore the trolls and negative energy here but I have to say something. One moment I get annoyed and the next moment it just makes me laugh. First of all, this is a fun and casual thing right that distracts us from our daily lives so it shouldn’t be taken toooooo seriously. Significantly, we are here to root for both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin especially together, so I don’t understand why we could be divisive, it’s happening one too many times, we shouldn’t have to take sides here. In this house, we protect both BinJin with equal measure, so any insinuation otherwise doesn’t stay
  7. Initially I didn’t even want to dignify you with a response but I can’t bite my tongue any longer when you just came in here and insult us and make it sound as if you are doing us a favour by slapping us into your so called reality. I am all for everyone has their own views and everything but please know that opinions can come with consequences and yours is really hurting a lot of people here. To say that we are a cult, or acting like it, is outrageous and very offensive, so I am calling you out on this, cause we are not having any of that. Even if we are “wrong”, what’s that got to d
  8. the disappointment feels raw still. Me too I tried watching all those other shows and while they were maybe good in their own right, I feel robbed that CLOY which I thought was more elite did not share a similar recognition at the awards show. The appeal of the show to me was that it’s so realistic (minus the paragliding stuff), the feels were so real. Ugh pain. But I suppose this should not undermine the special value this show holds not only to us but to SYJ, HB, the director, writer, all other cast and crew. They really opened up the door of Kdrama to the rest of the world especially during
  9. Okay so I've distracted myself the whole day with work and had time to cool down a little.... but I need to get this out of my chest. Can't lie, still not over it. I am more upset that they did not get more recognition at the awards show than the lack of intimacy! Btw, I concur that it is OK to feel upset, and doesn't mean that we're hating on other actors/shows, I personally just wanted it so much for both of them. But it wasn't meant to be, so we will eventually make peace with that. However, it didn't really occur to me that their "distance" invalidated the receipts that we hav
  10. Exactly this. The quality is undeniable and added with the international impact, i would have thought it would have been a shoe-in. Maybe this is my bias talking, but honestly were we even watching the same drama? Re: CLIP BELOW. THIS SCENE ALONE DESERVES THE AWARDS.
  11. As much as I tried not to expect anything, I already had the image of HB accepting the Best Actor award and giving his speech while the camera pans over SYJ doing her best not to cry cause she so proud of her man. Meanwhile, as SYJ accepts her award, the camera focuses on HB smiling real hard and proud of his woman that the rest of the world appreciates what he appreciates of her talent. But I guess....................... That said, thank you to everyone in BinJinNation and CLOYnation who made sure they did not leave empty handed, they both did say that it feels more meaningful due
  12. What.. THE.... i cant even......... sorry I am spamming now.... i just feel like they just Cinderella’d us CLOYnation........... BinJin support assemble after this. So
  13. Oh good God............................ can I order a do over please. The international testimonial to CLOY has been insane... not to mention its quality as well...... k I’m cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
  14. Is my heart going to break the third time guys, did we even get Best Drama, im too scared to check!
  15. Kind of expected this, it’s been super low key... but still.... ughhh how could Hyun Bin have not won that.... disastrous. Knew that best actress was tight and still hoping they save SYJ the best for last... but still omg Hyun Bin deserves all the awards Trying to be grateful that we at least got a BinJin picture but not over it yet, these two deserve everything
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