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  1. 3 minutes ago, Yoong said:

    I’m crying after rewatch ep 35 today, and realize that guanshan and her wife didn’t get happy ending :bawling: guanshan said, he wish they can live in the story and so can live together like XY and CY. I’m happy for CY and XY but totally sad for guanshan, and the fact about XY and CY is only fairytale

    No, don’t worry, they have a happy ending. There’s a 30 minute epilogue that you should be able to find on YouTube or Duboku. Actually I believe XY and CY is the real story but he’s telling their story as Guanshang when she’s sleeping since she loved his books. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, honeytime said:

    me again!! i feel like I'm writing so much in this thread omg please feel free to share your thoughts, everyone!! ><


    @enzek thanks for sharing those links!!! and........okay i HAVE to agree with you on wanting angsty scenes, sweet scenes, and (especially) kiss scenes - and yes, romantic bed scenes are always welcome xD as for sad endings.......I'm too weak for those LOL I'm such a sensitive person that sad endings make me sad irl for too long hahah i don't wanna go thru that (as much as i do also love the heartbreak and sadness in sad endings, I'd rather not xD)


    so i was watching old episodes again and in ep 8 i noticed XY talking about the Liren Flower (Li Ren Hua, i think) in his garden - these are the eng translations on youtube lol:

    [XY: it's called Liren Flower, which comes out once a year. when it blooms, it's leaves fall. it's flower and leaves never meet each other. before, i often miss its flowering phase. this year, i don't have to go to the battlefield. i can finally see them bloom.

    CY: it's so strange. *looks at XY* can i see this flower with you this year?

    (XY turns to look at CY, maybe in disbelief with a touch of anticipation that she really does want to see the flowers with him. she smiles at him. he doesn't answer and turns back)

    CY: the flower is so lonely]


    these are the eng translations to the song Li Ren Flower:


    my imagination is getting way toooo too wild omg if anyone can guess what I'm thinking......

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    I'm thinking that XY and CY (or even GS and WW) are roughly like the flower......more specifically, the flower is CY and the leaves are XY because they "never meet." and like the flower, CY is also lonely...throughout her flowering phases (meaning throughout important times in her life), she was never able to meet her other part until now, when XY doesn’t have to go to battle. he finally gets to see her and they "meet" this time, this year. but will they meet again next year? and......will they ever Actually get to see the flower bloom together? i mean, there were two times (maybe? or at least once) in the drama when he held the Liren Flower by her bedside as she laid in bed...they never really saw it bloom together. and supposedly she will wake up from her sleep after 365 days - i think he was holding the flower in the scene when CY had just fallen into the deep sleep, so this is when she "bloomed" again and they were separated. this could mean that even tho they did meet and were together, they were separated again after she "bloomed," if that makes sense..lol so technically they still "never meet" since they just separate again when she blooms. ORRR whenever the Liren flower blooms and comes out, it signals their separation...idk lol just wild thoughts


    but the song lyrics...when i apply the song into my thoughts tonight........i am overwhelmed with sadness omggg

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    some of the lyrics and my reading of it (im aware the eng translations might not be too accurate):


    ▪︎a little snow between my eyebrows makes me feel even more lonely

    --> the icy cold season makes the flower (CY or WW) feel even more lonely

    ▪︎fate that united us too far, will we have a change to meet again?

    --> as fate has it, flower (CY) and leaves (XY or GS) never meet..ironically, then, lovers are united by distance. they are together but also separate. will they be able to officially meet again?

    ▪︎my empty heart remember a glimpse of memory, a pair of butterflies perched on my shoulder. is it okay if i miss her?

    --> two butterfly lovers land on the leaves and the leaves are reminded of their connection with the flower (XY faintly remembers witnessing the existence of love, and misses CY)


    ▪︎the split petals slowly brought tears to my eyes

    --> the flower (CY) is starting to bloom. the time of separation for flower and leaves (XY) is near again

    ▪︎this feeling is like falling red leaves and stops gently at the fingertips

    --> the flower blooms and is so close to meeting the leaves. the petals stop gently at the fingertips, but they only meet temporarily before the petals slip away through the fingertips again. (when XY and CY meet, it is only temporary..they will separate again)

    ▪︎the autumn breeze made the sorrow of this separation even bigger

    --> the cold breeze makes the sorrow of separation feel sharper, colder, more lonely, and more painful

    ▪︎once again waiting next year to see you

    --> the flowering phase circles back and it'll be another year before their temporary meeting

    ▪︎li ren, liang ren

    --> I'm still wondering about this line tbh

    ▪︎fate is difficult to understand. even so, i still want to meet you

    --> fate is difficult to understand, but flower and leaves fight to meet each other again

    ▪︎and spend time together even if it was short

    --> they want to meet again, even tho the time they spend together was short

    ▪︎cut to bridge▪︎

    ▪︎this liking is like the most difficult dream narrative

    --> i can't even begin to apply this line to XY&CY or GS&WW...im too too sad x(


    they are together only temporarily..and they also separate temporarily. ultimately for XY and CY, i hope their final moments together are spent in forever



    i mean if this is a happy ending (i think it's happy for XY and CY at least??), CY will wake up when the Liren Flower blooms this year, and she'll never "bloom" again or be separated from XY bc she isn't under any magical power anymore. the Liren Flower won't have an impact on XY and CY anymore..and they'll finally, truly "meet" or be with each other.


    lastly, i wish i knew a bit of Chinese to dive into this more, but the title is "离人心上" and the alternative titles listed on mydramalist show "晚晚夜未眠" and "離人心上". it just interests me that "li ren" and "wan wan" are in the titles, since WanWan is our GS's wife and Liren is the infamous lonely flower..


    sorry for the long post!! and oops maybe it's all irrelevant to the story but i enjoyed thinking about this anyway. good night!!

    Thanks for your awesome analysis! Haha I didn’t even think about it, that the title 离人 心上 is a mix of the flower and what she told him during the fireworks scene in episode 33 :joy: I love love love this show so much. Also I just saw the Mango tv poster announcing the extra “episode” on 9/9 for an extra fee. I can’t see anything on the American version of the Mango app so I hope someone posts a link tomorrow! :winkx:

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  3. 42 minutes ago, teletubby lala said:

    I hv not watched ZYC other dramas SP is the first and I was impressed with zyc & hyx performance. I got hooked after watching first ep mainly because of hyx, knowing that this cute princess is going to drive the general crazy. Love all the BTS and interviews and thats how I get to know more about zyc & hyx. zyc is really a hyperactive person and love him just the way he is! 

    He’s really cute in Love O2! Even though he’s not the ML. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, teletubby lala said:

    Perfectly normal I guess as I hv my blunders too, all because thinking too much of the drama. That's how powerful SP is !  I picked this drama thinking its a light and fluffy drama. Didnt expect much from this drama initially. I was hooked after watching first ep. The plot was so-so but its the chemistry of ML&FL that brings out the best of this drama. Of course the supporting casts played their roles well too. The story was not draggy and not many side stories like other dramas are additional  plus points of this drama ! 

    Same with me! I thought it’d be some cutesy show. Love the pairing. Haha and 白先生 is so funny! 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, BreezeC said:

    Reality vs Fairytale – My interpretation


    I had been pondering for over a day after watching the last episode and came to the final conclusion (Please note this is my personal thoughts and interpretation, subject to changes depending on the actual ending next week lol and I am sure there are flaws here as well but open for discussion hehe)


    Life is about choices and in this drama, it is like two sides of a coin – we can choose one side over the other but at the end of the day, whichever side you chose, it is the same coin…


    Spoiler Alert – Suggest to watch the final episode before reading this


    Interpretation One:


    *The Adult’s Fairytale = The Reality*


    GS and his wife, WW is reality. XY and CY is the fairytale that GS wants to give to his wife and himself. However, can we say XY and CY is fake? No, because XY and CY are a replication of GS and his wife WW. In reality, GS and WW is simply a normal couple. WW fell into a coma and GS stayed by her side, taking care of her and creating stories after stories for her as it is her favorite interest. The stories he made up were based on real life people, real circumstances, and their own love story. Yes, maybe there are no fairytale general and princess, no extreme circumstances like assassins, evil plots,  waring kingdoms, magical transformation etc. but the basic elements of their love, their personality, and their life does exist, maybe not in the exaggerated and enhanced version like a fairytale but who is to say that it didn’t happen in GS and WW’s life. For instance, (making up scenarios here to use as example) XY saved CY from assassin when they first met and in real life GS saved WW from rascals who were trying to harass her. XY and CY got married under the emperor’s order, and in reality, WW adopted father trick WW into marrying GS for his own personal gain…the possibilities and imaginations to explore here are endless because we don’t know GS and WW’s story but who can say they are less impactful than XY and CY when XY and CY is a version of GS and WW, in which GS added additional elements and plot driving situations to favor up the storyline. Everything that happened to XY and CY may happened to GS and WW but not as dramatic… At the end, when we stripped away their identity and everything else, XY is GS and CY is WW. Even if they are characters of a story by GS, it is a different version of GS and WW and their love story is real. As for all the other characters in his story, when GS was pushing his wife in the wheelchair on the streets with all the people looking at them, people who he based off of in his story – They may all look different with different identity but they are the same people with the same personality. SNN is still together with LQ, Mr. White is still outgoing and enthusiastic, TY is still friendly and sweet (and alive!), NX is arrogant, and XC is boyish and wealthy etc… If GS and WW is real, it doesn’t mean XY and CY is not real. The emotions and feelings we invested in GS’s story with XY/CY/XC/SNN etc is real because they do exist, maybe not with the same identity or background but their love, interaction, and story does exist in real life.


    Interpretation Two:


    *The Adult Fairytale = Fairytale*


    XY and CY is a real life fairytale. After everything happened in the last episode, XY no longer are bound by his duties and responsibilities. The country is no longer at war, QZ the foreign country is no longer a threat, and in the palace there is XC to assist the emperor and LQ to watch over the palace security. His aunt is still healthy to take care of X mansion; therefore, he stayed by CY’s side hoping that by reading her favorite book, she will wake up (similar to how XC tried to read to her to wake her up in episode one) but when that didn’t work, XY started bringing CY to live the life of the book, turning himself to GS and her as WW and travel the places mentioned in the book written by his brother. (To avoid complication since I am sure XY is well known as a war hero, he also tells people his name is GS.) When he finished reading her his brother’s book, and she still didn’t wake up – He started making up stories for her to listen to, using people they know as characters in his stories for her to continue to remember them (Another interpretation of the street scene with all the characters is actually XY made up characters in his stories told to CY) and the last story he told to her and to those children is their own story…


    At the end, whichever side of the coin you choose to believe, the reality or the fairytale, the story of reality or the reality becoming the story, XY or GS, CY or WW, their love for each other is real – We have a husband traveling the world with his sleeping wife, reading and creating stories for her every day, and desperately hoping his wife will wake up one day…

    Whichever side of the story you believe, I hope and pray that both side of this story would have a happy ending because no matter what, human should always hope for the best, the happiness, the brightness for love and miracles.


    After thought: Wow… after finish typing this I realized that this is really not just any rom-com, we went into this drama to hope for cute interactions, great chemistry and sweet love story with a happy ending but this turned out to be more complicated and insightful than I thought… it kept you thinking and analyzing…which will definitely have a lasting impression on us other than a simple typical rom-com.

    Amazing work to the creators, writers, directors, actors and actresses *Millions thumbs up*  

    I love your interpretation! Lol I just enjoyed their chemistry and how cute the pair looked together on screen. It was a good series but I guess let’s see what the epilogue is next week. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, xiaoxf said:

    I've only been able to confrim an epilogue, or addition episode, not sure how long it will be. I haven't been able to verify more than that.

    Thanks so much! I hope I get my happy ending! 

    1 hour ago, enzek said:

    Well I read one informative comment in Mydramalist by asian_things.



    So the real ending is happy ending!:D

    That's what I care the most right now.


    I'm really grateful that although the director himself like the open ending, they decided not to just end the drama like ending in episode 35. Actually I don't mind if a drama has sad ending like Goodbye My Princess.


    But sorry, I really hate open ending. Especially if you don't planned for season 2 at all from the beginning. It really annoyed me when I watch a drama until the end and the ending is hanging just like that. That is just a bad ending.


    There is a difference between bad ending and sad ending.
    For me, sad ending is not necessary mean a bad ending but an open ending is totally a bad ending.


    So actually the screenwriter decided to make it as open ending? 

    Ok, next time if I want to watch any of this writer dramas, I will make sure to wait until it finished airing first:expressionless:


    Hu Yi Xuan is really adorable. Even she acts as animal she still cute:wub:

    She really ate the carrot:D


    Lovely fan mv to share:

    credit to owner


    Me too. A sad ending is ok if it is an actual ending but open endings/cliffhangers just leave me irritated that I spent all this time watching something only to not really know what the outcome is... haha. Thanks to everyone for recapping! 

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  7. 1 hour ago, soosyok said:

    Hello ladies (or any gentleman here?),

    Finally, after 5 or 6 years, my soompi ID still works.

    TQ for all the posting here. Its has been a long time since I stop by but pillow books manage to break my silence.

    Dont mind me, I'm still at the early page of this thread. Keep posting, Im sure will read it. :)


    Hi mod @angelangie glad to see some familiar faces here.

    haha and I signed up just so I could comment here!!

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  8. 15 hours ago, Dao Tran said:

    I totally agree with you. The script is not good. Just wish the one who wrote the script for tmopb write this script for pb too. 

    Not too sure about the script writer but the PB script is following the book pretty closely. And I agree the subtitles on WeTV aren't as good as the subtitles on Viki but since I wanted the VIP pass it works for me. I guess it bothers me less since I also understand what they're saying without subtitles :)


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