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  1. Thanks Helena a lot . I also saw the video which YJ went out with her after Rampant VIP premiere too and guess she might be the CEO but couldn't find any info from google hâhh (she seems very close to YJ as I saw many pics of them in YJ's Insta). I don't wanna overthink before checking, but now I wonder that she was invited by HB or JDG to attend the VIP premiere. If HB (hope so), seems both YJ and HB gets close with their another's boss agency? (YJ also took pic with HB's business partner) lolz :D.
  2. Any shoppers here know who is the woman sit next to Song Yoon Ah in the below pic? I'm just curious. Thanks a lot
  3. Love your analysis ❤. I'd add point 12, YJ has already met HB's close business partner of VAST - took pic with him as someone mentioned in some previous pages, and also took picture with this guy's son as well (a baby boy weared purple shirt - I bet all of us saw that pic already) when they joined TN promotion at 22 Sept.
  4. Secret garden is a famous band who specialized in instrument music. You can find a lot of their beautiful pieces in youtube. I think their music helped YJ to portray Seri's feeling well during filming in Swiss.
  5. Anyone watches this clip which Hyun Bin attened 55th Baeksang awards 2019 and watched the singer sang while the screen shows many film cut of talented actors/actresses which includes Ye Jin. I just wonder what did HB think when seeing her on screen? lolz
  6. After someone told that this scene may be mixed from 2 takes - 1 in Swiss and 1 in Korea (to explain why HB wear same outfits to say goodbye in final BTS), I looked up the cut again, and think it's true, as the one taken in Swiss with Seri's wavy hair, hands position of YJ and HB are different with the close-up take with Seri's straight hair, YJ and HB's hand positions. For the close-up take, I saw YJ not really hesitant with the kiss at all hahah (both were so passionate with the kiss), but the one in Swiss - yes as you said :).
  7. I don't think there is ep 17, as new drama will air today. Also, CLOY wasn't the first drama which doesn't have post interviews of 2 main leads. Goblin was same - no post interviews or photoshoots, just because the rumor of GY and KGE dating together right after the drama ended. So I'm not surprised if there is no post interviews even after the big success of CLOY. I better hope HB and SYJ keep lowkey during this time to avoid any dating questions from media. These days, I kept watching The negotiation filming making, press con and CLOY's press con and Swoon video, I have no doubt to see how their relationship (either close friend or dating) was growing. During Negotiation filming, obviously, HB looked "just like friend" with SYJ (SYJ seemed approached him more as friend). Then, during Negotiation promotion, they seemed clicked better with each other, but sometimes HB was still bit shy and pointed SYJ to start interview/answer question from MC first. However, all CLOY press con and Swoon interviews, mostly I saw HB was so proactive (surprisingly) to answer/interact with SYJ and other people (esp. when dating rumor was asked, he started first). About BTS videos, if you guys put BTS ep 16 before BTS 1, and ended at BTS 14 in order you will see how strong their relationship is growing. That's amazing. And the LA grocery pic, we surely have same thought. But have to say it's not really easy to catch-up with your friends in overseas twice for dinner at restaurant, not even count going grocery together, so their relationship was really special heheh.
  8. Hi friends, I've been a silent reader since watching CLOY some weeks ago, and already read all pages just because I'm really interested in our Binjin couple. Need to say that all of your analysis and information provided were so great for many silent readers like me. Usually I'd continue to be silent reader, but decided to come up here to share some of my thoughts after I watched some past interviews of Binjin (can't stop myself searching for their old interviews every nights hahah). 1. Compare the Negotiation press conference vs many interviews for CLOY, obviously, their bonding seems grow very well. At press con of Negotiation, YJ even said many audiences thought they were good-match even though they were enemies in the movie, then she said she'd think about it (so frankly joking just like asking JHI where he had crush on her at SiTR press con, so personally I thought they were just good friends at the beginning of CLOY promotion), but did you see her reaction when being asked about dating rumor with HB at CLOY press con? And how did she react on this rumor vs the rumor with Kim Nam Gil? Sounds she was really quiet to react this time vs rumor with KNG. 2. About LA trip, what made me surprised most are how YJ and HB's LA trip had same timeline, at same place (USA is huge) and especially during YJ's birthday even though their agency said their trip purpose were different! I doubt YJ had already plan to visit her closefriend in LA (same as previous year), so if they were really dating, maybe HB decided to follow her to enjoy her special day which HB was definite great man (HB always tried to spend time with his gf even if he was busy in his previous relationships). 3. Their relationship seems to be very balance. YJ is very competitive (seen in Master in the house & Running man) while HB doesn't care much about it, he cares more about trying hard. Thus, I was quite surprised watching video Mission Pong where YJ seems a bit less competitive and sometimes wanted HB to win, while HB seems not mind about YJ's win. Besides, if you watched all BTS ep 1-10, it seemed mostly YJ was more playful and joked more than HB, she seemed energistic and HB reacted well with her teasing, but in BTS ep 12-14, YJ seemed more tired (she even needed check-up at hospital), HB became more playful and teased YJ more. HB also seemed to be more comfortable with her than most of his costars. With seeing many changes (good sides) for both YJ and HB, and how their bonding develops so well for last 2 weeks, I hope they can become a real couple and get married finally!
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