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  1. Coincidentally, I actually watched this episode again a few days ago because I want to watch this part (the GIF you attached here) I keep on replying that part because I miss that kind of interaction... and yes the whole episode is so suspicious I miss them so bad I hope this is actually a good thing that they kind of getting lowkey because there's really something @MandelBrot thank you also for posting GIFs every Sunday, always looking forward to it!! It makes my kookmin heart alive lol
  2. Can someone compile all these "coincidences"? I don't think its coincidence anymore because it happened too many times hahaha I understand if its a day after, but its always minutes/hours apart
  3. What's your thought about this guys? Haha. I find it really suspicious that JK, JSJ and YJS picked SJY (of course this is my delulu self talking ) Btw, so many lowkey KookMin moments on this episode
  4. Yes!! I don't know if he first announce it earlier, but he has a VLIVE (Philippines online fanmeet, I am filipino, thats why I have an opportunity to watch it btw the live just ended now) with YSC, Haha and JSJ earlier and he said his new album is on the works now! Speaking of the online fanmeeting, ChanMin loveline is still alive or I don't know maybe they know that there's a lot of ChanMin fans in our country thats why they did that Haha keep on teasing YSC earlier even KJK chants JSM name to tease YSC. Members really did love JSM, they mentioned her a lot Just a heads up, maybe they
  5. I'm curious too, how can they not notice it??? not that I want KM to be recognized by them, just curious. Maybe they're just in denial and just think of them as brother-sister relationship because at first its impossible for them to be together and they did not expect that they would be so close? I want to ask my friends IRL who watches RM but I don't wanna expose myself to them, they'd think I'm delulu
  6. This is what my delulu self thinks too YJS said is half truth and I want to see a close up to JK's reaction when YJS said that lol its too zoom out I can't see his eyes clearly. And in this episode too KJK seems so proud that he knows something about JSM. Like he knew that she watched Be Melodramatic(btw this is so random JK??? when she scolded JSM others were like: "????" and YJS just go with the flow after he said that) and he knew that there are a lot of waffle places near her house. Its like indirectly saying that "I know her better than you do, distance please."
  7. My heart skipped a beat for a second for this one then I realized JSM has a loveline with YSC
  8. Heard it also because they get together from time to time btw thank you for confirming!
  9. this is not wookmin right? or my eyes is deceiving me? lol is he the guy from review notebook of my embarassing days? her ex-husband there?
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