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  1. Not me, what i mean is i dont stare only his adam's apple.. but ALL of him What scene??? Anyone?
  2. @loyaltvbviewer @9tRedFox xiexie for the explanations Love this threads for shedding light and fast response.... rewatching 18minutes of fanservice of ep35... and the drought days....begin!!!
  3. actually there's something I'm a bit confused about aranya dream, maybe it's skipped my radar before when reading, in the book it's said that the real person who entered the dream will automatically replacing their version in the dream. Like recent SuMoye replacing the dream SuMoye. If FJ replacing Aranya because Aranya is her shadow, by this logic, Chenye or Shenye should be automatically replaced by Dijun, because Shenye is his shadow.. any of you kind enough to explain to me the reason?? Is it because aranya dream is shenye's creation so he's not replaced by DJ?
  4. Guy... Aranya arc punch right in the feels.. i don't know how to react to ChenYe/Shenye.. Aranya-Chenye is such tragic love He's too late...
  5. Fake fake "su moye" xize in action Poor him... Su Moye is forever "teacher-zone" Anyway.. anyone want some cake? (except Dijun maybe... ) LS such a troll hahaha
  6. You should, your parent's lives are in jeopardy bcs MiaoLuo hehehe On serious note, the actress did a good job as MiaoLuo, she's pretty actually.. @LaxClyne @taekwang Su Moye/Dylan is indeed handsome. I kinda see his resemblance with Kpop Idol/young K-actor ChaEunWoo.. But Su Moye is not DiJun. He's more hilarious than handsome -aiya @orenji_neko beat me posting Su Moye pic hahaha... happen quite a lot in this thread, are mostly of us think alike???- i share this instead la.. but agree, aranya is pritiiiiiiy....
  7. @roxnilla7 i hope the other have helped me clear about what DJ know so far... basically he knows the glossary, thanks to LS, but yeah not the details yet.. @lizzy23 yeah, 'halu' (bahasa slang; meaning being unrealistic, origin from hallucination) and lebay (another bahasa slang; meaning being too much, so extra) right?? Right, like you too, i also know the borderline of fictional and reality, ne hating jiheng is purely me disliking the character in drama la~. The fact that the actress can make me dislike her role mean she did a good job.. @Em D @LaxClyne the register for Jiheng's haters and DongFeng's protection squad is open now... let's @9tRedFox your wish is my command!!! -this slot used to be picture you requested, but not anymore....- EDIT: Aiyaaaa.. you found it... i delete the pic, i rather post many dongfeng pic instead, that's why xiaoyan got deleted this time hehehe
  8. With or without Miao Luo's influence, me still dont like jiheng. When she confronts FJ in ep34 uh... my claws are out!!! And when she weeps about DH entering aranya dream for FJ... what did xiaoyan see in her. We're in this together darl.. Donghua finally knows the truth about FJ...
  9. No wonder he sulking the whole next days.. BF stalking "naughty" GF playing around without him... On to ep 34.. i will be back again later
  10. Ladies... another 15 minutes and we have date with Dongfeng... FengJiu: Dijun... my hand is not handkerchief.... have fun, i'll be back after tonight episodes... Also me tonight to jiheng
  11. ⁸Woooow you girls... your highly active mode were turned on last night. I went to sleep and thread jumped like 6 pages already??? Good good... So we get to see the raw of vvip? Splendid.. i will peek those freebies episodes, but maybe more like skim and quick gloss only (and repeating certain scenes) hahaha. Ah, another 'playing doctor' with DongFeng
  12. @Asliza Mohd @SC2019 maybe they tweak the drama? It seem drama miaoluo is targetin FJ to get DJ, she knows FJ is his "weakness"...
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