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  1. A video was posted 2 pages ako of HB in a fanmeet saying he likes to go to jimjilbang so I guess it's still possible that they were talking about themselves and not their characters. Especially in the hospital BTS. I never got the impression that they were talking about their characters during that part. But im not fluent in hangul so what do I know lol
  2. Is it only actors who can get Daesang? I looked at the list on wikipedia and its says DotS got it in 2016 but it doesnt say which actor won. Can a series as a whole win? I think SYJ would definitely get a nom . I feel like she's comparable to Jennifer Lawrence, in a sense that anything she does gets an award buzz. With his new movie filming, i hope HB can still make it.
  3. I've posted this before, but I would gladly give up the chance of seeing them together on screen (or in public, except for the occasional crumbs ) if it means they are confirmed in marital bliss with 2.5 children lol. Hopefully after HB's new movie we get great news.
  4. I love this! Yes I do agree it was a big risk to do a drama despite rumors but I think they did get an inclination that their pairing would be supported since when rumors broke out, they were widely accepted, and knets seemed to be happy that they were together. And yes hopefully they pave the way for more open minded fans who dont mind actors having relationships and still working alongside others.
  5. Im not sure with confirmed dating couples but I heard Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi have had dating rumors and still proceeded to be casted in movies Highly recommend The Last Princess! Son Ye-jin's acting was phenomenal I was freakin blown away. Also the romance wasnt that intense in that movie so if you're not ready to see her go melo with another guy other than hyun bin
  6. With you girl. At this rate, ye-jin's not gonna post even flowers if people keep commenting about HB Omg I never noticed that! He did put down the piece of paper for her!
  7. About HB and SYJ working together: This was raised several pages ago, but ive always thought it was too much of a coincidence that they got a project/drama to work together again, just 7 months after Negotiation. It's been established that it's not the norm for korean pairings to reunite immediately. Maybe HB and SYJ really wanted to work together again before going public and asked their agencies to look for something they can do together (since they're huge stars, they can do that right). Thoughts? Or is that not how it works in kbiz lol
  8. Omo now i'm really convinced that we'll only know theyre together when their children are grown jk I once read an idol who kept his whole family a secret for years, and another idol just announced she dated someone for 7 years without anyone knowing. Korean entertainment industry is so freaking complicated man!!
  9. I believe it was filmed Nov 2018, 2 months post negotiation promotion. It was aired Dec 2018.
  10. the universe is so unfair to cloy fans the highest rated series for TVN and worldwide fame (i dont think ive talked to anyone who doesnt know what cloy is), and they can't even give a director's cut dvd i feel like we've been robbed of so many fandom things lol seriously just postpone production, dont cancel
  11. Lol im gonna have nightmares of a 5 year drought followed by an announcement that their first born just entered kindergarten The lack of anything would be so much easier if I didn't care so much about them ugh why did I start this
  12. Hi there! I totally get why you would see that. In Nego promotions, he looked like a shy puppy always staring at her. And then when you get to the BTS on the first few months of filming, you would see him sometimes holding back a smile. But I always took it as a sign of familiarity and being comfortable in a relationship to be able to joke around. Just a few examples: 1) in the BTS of episode 1 when they were kidding around with the director, she sayid "Am I right? Be honest with me. " and he replied with "Stop annoying me" even with a little shove. 2) in the BTS of episode 6 in Mongolia, she places the blankets on him and said "I can't help touching you." and he jokingly removes her hands "Please go away" Idk it's like a joke between them. My bf jokingly does that too when I'm being too clingy I'm not sure what changed but their actions in BTS changed once they were in the 2nd half of filming. I think it's because they realized that filming was almost over and they'd probably won't be able to work this close again, especially if they go public. Also again, this is EDITED BTS lol they showed only what was probably allowed. At their age, I don't think they would be the type to date around without having the end goal of marriage. From HB's prev interviews, i think he does date seriously. They have always stated that they want to get married by 40. For me, I think they are both really serious about this relationship. Feelings of being in ~love aside, realistically, it's hard to find someone you match with so well, and from my understanding, that is important in south korean culture. I have never shipped a real life couple that wasn't married before shipping them (like Emily-John Krasinski, Blake-Ryan Reynolds), since it's so hard to hardcore ship without security that they will really end up together, but these two are an exemption. Honestly, if we were just basing things on their interviews, BTS, yes i would ship them. But would I believe that 100% they were dating? Maybe not. Those sightings in LA and grocery pics are honestly a godsend, and the most definitive proof for me that they are seeing each other. I'd love to hear more thoughts from everyone
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