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  1. @Phoenix26 Thanks for the reminder but I don't think I quoted an emoji, it just seems like because there's no space
  2. I am thinking of deleting my posts but ended up posting some more... If I can be honest with my feelings, I am so disappointed with Hyun Bin. Not because BinKyo2.0 didn't happen but because of the inconsistencies and lies. You denied having a relationship so many times, just to confirmed it in the end?!! It just a shame that you're also into media-play. I thought you're better than that. Oh well your life, your way. I hope it will not bite you in the end. I thought I had enough but I think its better to stay put and wait till the table turns but definitely NO to binkyo3.0. I'm out. SHK d
  3. MayaE.... Happy New Year! Just passing by to say "annyeonghaseyo" to all "Do not be sad because they are past!Smile, because they once were!" looking forward to a brand new ending...
  4. I'm glad I stayed on viewing this drama. I like Eric Mun's acting and the storyline was interesting. I searched for this drama and found it. The first episode was lukewarm and boring but eventually enjoying the subsequent episodes. There are lots of funny and witty bantering. The bromance between Ji-hoon and Derek are more appealing than their love stories with Ah-reum.
  5. and her ex-bf name in WW is Jun-ki I'd say a twist of fate
  6. Hi everyone! One lurker here, still wishing on the same star No news is good news binkyo fighting!
  7. Hi. I feel you... but don't be sad about other's opinion. I for one is watching StartUp because of KSH. I watched him in Good Manager and since then looked for his other works. At first I was not really keen to watch StartUp, I'm not really a supporter of the 2 main leads. I thought I'll try the first episode, but the first episode turns out to be a light in the tunnel I am so looking forward to KSH next drama. I hope he'll 'strike while the iron is hot' and follow up with another drama. a team up with Seo Hyun-Jin or Park Min-Young would be nice. He rem
  8. same here @leek Not surprise coz Song Hye Kyo is a household name like if you go to isolated areas and you mention Michael Jackson, people will know who you're talking about. Like my sister who lives in the mountain (joke) and is not into Korean drama but familiar with Hye Kyo and Bi Rain So yeah, No doubt that SHK has worldwide popularity
  9. Coincidentally, i tried to watch it last night, dropped it in the first half hour I might go back some other time The FL also starred in emergency couple, its quite a good story line, though its about divorced couple. I also like A cunning single lady, also about divorced couple. Discovery of love is ex-bf/new bf, also good ML x2 I'm also into ex-relationship storyline, that's why i got excited of the thought of a binkyo 2.0 Aja! Aja! to all the hopelessly romantic.
  10. I also experience dilemma when I read about the denials. I made comments before that once I read a denial I will stop shipping and I will not be like other members of other shipping thread trying to manually push a sunken ship I asked myself, should I practice what I preach? I tried to rationalised that their 5X denial is not the same as the statement release the other day, but then again, it hurts my pride being put in the wrong. So I'm putting it this way... here's a personal analogy. My 4 y.o. Chloe came to me the other day, crying because she's upset at
  11. Hi. I stumbled upon this thread by chance when I got curious why it has 6 million views. At first I was confused and at the same time amuse that Lee Da Hae is being bashed by her own fan x 2 (a fan is more legit than a stalker or a troll) I spent a day yesterday back-reading 1500 pages (I jump-read on several hundred pages, I don't think my brain can take all the information lol) I understand now why... and somehow I feel the frustrations. I am familiar with Lee Dong Wook, watched some of his drama but I don't really know Lee Da Hae, I tho
  12. This is what the denial is all about. excerpt from allkpop news: On July 31, the actor's label stated, "The rumor that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo is dating again is completely groundless." The rumors started when a Chinese netizen posted a photo of a man and woman alleged to be Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo walking their dogs in the middle of the night.It's difficult to confirm whether either of the actors were photographed as the picture only shows the back of two people. Take Note: It didn't mention if they are dating or not. Pretend that I am the reporter an
  13. Hey guys I have different take on what I read, its not a denial of their relationship but more of the news that was written by the chinese media which UAA claimed was fabricated, that the two are now living together and sightings of them walking the dog with a photo captured from one of the squads ig. That is what they are denying because its not really true that those photos are related to them... I also wish the best for them either individually or together. Only time will tell...
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