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  1. Thank you for translating the overview of the interviews! I’ve yet to watch Vengo’s interview cuz I don’t wanna be crying at work lol. I’ve seen Dilraba’s and I could feel the nostalgia behind her words and wishes for DH, FJ, and BGG. The boat scene is darling—I wish we could have more clips of this family together It’s been such a roller coaster ride from beginning to end, I still can’t believe it’s over. The post drama depression is real, guys. I can’t even bring myself to rewatch the later episodes with subs lol. The new BTS and interview clips do bring some closure though. And it’s still fun to check in here to see what you guys are talking about (I’m kinda 20 pages behind so I hope I can catch up!)
  2. Yessss! Thank you for posting this. I held it in cuz everyone was hating on the mortal arc, but I truly felt like they had some of the most romantic interactions there (apart from the scenes in Aranya’s Dream & the return to Taichen Palace). I love the way he nudged her nose up so he could reach her mouth. So romantic~ I actually think that’s hella smooth hehe.
  3. Thank you all who contributed to translating the mini about BGG and DH. I can’t get enough of this family and this just made my night.
  4. IIRC in the book, around the time they were about to depart from Fanyin Valley, Donghua called down the god that guards the destiny stone and asked him what the fate between him and Fengjiu was. The god hesitated to tell him because he said if he revealed what was on the stone, then it may change tomorrow (meaning fate was fluid and not exactly set in stone). Anyway, the god told him that originally, DH and FJ were not fated at all. But, it so happens that when FJ sent half her shadow to Fanyin Valley to be born as someone to help and fulfill the needs and wants of DH’s shadow, things did not turn out as she wished. Aranya (FJ’s shadow) failed to understand what Chen Ye (DH’s shadow) wanted the most. Actually, Su Moye also played a part in this tragedy because his intervention is what caused the lovers to not be together. However, Aranya and Chen Ye’s tragic love possibly moved the heavens and allowed for this unfinished love to continue through Donghua and Fengjiu. The god guarding the destiny stone said this fate was very fragile, however, and now that Donghua had inquired about it, it may change the next day. This is why he altered Fengjiu’s memories in the book. I don’t know if he did that or not in the drama (watched the raws but can’t understand everything), but the destiny stone scene was made into a flashback. Omg my post is totally TLDR, sorry!
  5. I’m not an expert on xianxia but from watching TMOPB, I remember that when gods ascend to their next level/ rank of godliness (?), they must undergo some sort of trial like being struck by lightning x number of times... I remember Yehua and Moyuan both being struck by lightning. In regard to Pillow Book, I think it was mentioned both in the book and drama that DH was afraid FJ would not be able to pass her trial without him there. Also, the part about Miao Luo didn’t happen like so in the book as it did in the drama, so we can only make assumptions... In the book, Fanyin Valley is still there and unpolluted so the tree still had a chance to grow and perhaps become something. Since so much changed in the drama, this tidbit may have been one of the things the writers overlooked/ didn’t give much thought to when the altered the script lol.
  6. I finished this drama in the wee hours of the night, switching between ugly crying and smiling. Thanks for all of your insights and opinions on the characters and scenes. It’s made watching the drama more fun and exciting (especially since none of my friends are watching lol). I can’t believe it’s really over after all this time. I’m not ready to let go of our DongFeng couple yet.
  7. Actually, I noticed in the clip, you can see the marks of the toxin on his hands when he picks up the ring after spitting up blood. I was thinking maybe he could’ve concealed it from her too, if he really didn’t want her to worry.
  8. Ooh that’s true! Guess I love seeing them together so much I am making assumptions Perhaps they also sustained more neck (and other bodily) injuries than I (we) thought. I did see they had body doubles in some BTS but it seems like they do most of their stunts.
  9. Just scrolled through the official Weibo account of Pillow Book and found this: http://m.v.qq.com/x/m/play?vid=i0033c7cp7q&ref_pg=page_video_detail @MayanEcho Oops, I was wrong about the neck pillow. It seems that Dilraba really pulled a muscle and had to wear the pillow for support and sometimes a neck brace. Lol wonder why Vengo borrowed it? Must be comfy.
  10. Awww the interaction between BGG and DHDJ is making me tear up a bit. I’m so happy to see the book come to life. @9tRedFox @Yori Ten I think it’s okay that Dijun’s asking that question since his brain is pretty rusty lol. However, in the book, Lian Song also asked whose kid Bai Gun Gun was when he saw Xie Gu Chou holding him—to which the response from XGC was something like, “Isn’t it obvious?” Apparently not!
  11. @Yori Ten @katfindlay When I read this scene in the book, I was laughing to myself cuz I remember watching other dramas and interviews where Reba had her face squished. Poor girl
  12. This kiss totally reminds me of when FJ secretly placed one on Dijun’s nose in TMOPB Their kisses are so sweet, I forgive them for putting us through all of this heartbreak.
  13. Just saw the new teaser and the clip of FJ in her wedding dress. I’m soooo happy they showed her wearing it. And also stoked that we will get to see her pregnant (although it’ll be a sad time for her)! It’s not yet Thursday here but I can’t wait!
  14. Ladies, I guess we gotta stock up on tissues for Thursday! I shouldn’t have watched this at work (And for fear of spoilers, I’ll probably meet y’all back on Saturday or whenever I finish the drama to discuss the scenes that will rip our hearts out.)
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