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  1. Thank you for the page! I don't know how to make this forum going but maybe we can start by saying how you first know and become a fan of JSM? Also I just read this and I really love her for saying it. I feel like the burden of what haters says all for the past three years lift up even just a little. I also hope for her speedy recovery so my weekend is full of her smile again. Not to forget this cute moment between best-friend Kim JiSeok, Ha SeokJin and our Somin. Wish for this forum to be more active to ♡
  2. We don't really know how packed her schedule as her agency don't usually inform unless it's happening/airing. Just like when Somin actually filmed for short movie which didn't have any news from her agency. Anyway even her schedule just RM, cf or radio, the situation overall actually can take a toll on anyone. Especially since it said that 'due to extensive exhaustion' so it maybe because she never really have a proper rest both physically and mentally. Somin started going to the gym too since last year but Somin originally don't do physical activities as much as other members, she also not particularly like or good at physical activities yet she still try to keep up with the other members. Perhaps it finally take a toll on her. Due to accumulation of exhaustion, her immune and all the physical and her mental state. I am optimist she will recover soon and be back healthier and restful. Just wish and pray for her ♡
  3. I heard that Somin actually blocked him first (probably accidentally) hence they both looked like unfollow each other. Then Somin start following him again (probably because she realized it) but LKS hasn't been active in IG. He didn't unfollow Somin, his following was automatically decrease when somin blocked him. So, LKS too probably hasn't been aware of the situation hence hasn't follow Somin again. to prove that it's not that they unfollow each other but Somin blocked him was that the history of like or others to Somin post was deleted. I heard that from korean fans. I personally think Somin accidentally blocked him after blocking some people or just accidentally touch the block or she just playing around to check. (I once tried to block my friend so my friend can see the full effect of it and report to me lol) In any case, we know both are still friend regardless.
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