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  1. Instead North Korea should give great prize or an honorary citizenship to Hyun Bin for singlehandedly doing the best PR they could ever ask for, both in CLOY and Confidential Assignment.
  2. @mjydg94 @ZWL @NYdoc earlier in this thread @cybertron started the game "guess what's in the cart" (not exactly same wording though, forgive me). I was never good at that, you guys have hawk's eyes
  3. I needed to back read everything, so many things happened again while working. You guys don't want me finish my papers i guess Sorry I had to cut your post, I am a causal fan of SYJ and HB. I watched their dramas and movies in the past. I normally don't follow any celebrity (including my own country) outside of their movie/drama. I never search for personal/private life information. I had some time before my PhD viva, so i decided to watch HB movies When I watched Negotiation, I was mesmerised by the leads chemistry despite the movie being crime/thriller. I thought if they acted in melodrama or romantic comedy, that would be festival for my eyes. Then CLOY came to my like a present from above When i read those negative comments, especially nasty comments regarding SYJ, I never once bothered by it. Because she is the queen of box office, there is only 2 persons who guarantee smashing box office (i.e. Lee Byung Hun and Son Yejin). She hard carries every role regardless of who her partner is. Comparing her to JJH was unfair but I guess people were used to seeing her in Park Jieun's dramas (and she really hard carried those two characters). People were not used to seeing SYJ being quirky but being a versatile actress as she is, I can't imagine someone else playing Yoon Seri. I was all for this drama, despite not liking the previous drama from this writer. I didn't like her writing style and thought only big names save the previous dramas. Regardless of my previous thoughts about the writer, I was looking forward to CLOY because my prayers were heard and we would see SYJ and HB acting together in a rom-com. After watching 1st episode, I was struck by how amazing the story is. Even with few episodes along, I retrieved my thoughts back regarding the writer's ability. I was like "this is very well thought and written drama". I became addicted to it and find myself in CLOY thread As you said, I am delightful to see how quickly the opinions of netizens changed Kind of unrelated but did you see Kim Tae Hee and Rain's CF It's so cute!! I wish we can see our couple in a CF like that
  4. Even if to debunk the theory, i think we shouldn't post anything related to other parties. We should have learnt from the alleged holding hands under table thing. Although I don't want to make people feel restricted to voice their opinions, as @wolfie26 said we should be careful especially after the mess that alleged photo created. So could you please kindly delete or edit your posts?
  5. The funniest for me that he is secretly married to HJW (Sorry to HJW fans, no mean to offense them but its damn funny)
  6. @Harry97 There is one famous comment would go well with it: If these two are friends, I don't have any friend
  7. THAT ONE!! When I first saw it, I fell in love with it how can they look so cute and lovely together That GIF should be the definition of pink bubbles Thanks for sharing it, i never get tired of seeing that
  8. I think they'll unlikely do that. If it was somewhere outside Korea, what you said would be done 100%. But in Korea especially for A-listers with a scandal would be called riding on the coat-tail of their scandal. I finding it absurd tbh but its how it is in Korea unfortunately. I would have loved them in a phootshoot and/or a CF (they are endorsed by the same cosmetic company, if they had a CF together it would have been awesome)
  9. You are right, i also knew it was a clickbait to increase their views but everyone is so desperate to get a piece of our couple It's so crazy
  10. @B.MMM thanks for the translation The channel comments are interesting and it comes from SBS not TVN SBS also updated Son Yejin's cameo video of Secret Garden as "예진언니가 여기서 왜 나와...♥ 현빈X손예진" ahahaha. SBS became the leader of binjin shippers all of a sudden
  11. I think he calls her Son Baeu (배우) but i find it very nice since it sounds similar to sunbae. He shows his respect without putting hierarchical barriers between them And as you said, YJ calling him oppa is so cute I wanna hear her say it
  12. @itspeanutbutterjellytime thank you for directing the thread into its rightful direction as it should be. Many friends gave great detailed answers and i completely agree with them. But for me there is ONE big thing i love above everything else: respect! HB stated his respect and admiration of her in various platforms (i.e. Vogue interview, Netflix interview, Negotiation promotions, CLOY interviews). He says: he gets thrilled like no other by her skills, he wants to act with her and learn from her (no other male actor at his calibre would say such thing), SYJ has so much more charm to show the audience, we should watch the movie and drama because SYJ is in it, instead of boosting himself It is hard to find a man that respects your skills and admires you for it like HB does. No need to say, he is one of the best Korean actors out there and still humbly putting SYJ at the top and having great regards to her, tells me great deal of his infatuation of SYJ. SYJ is the best of best when it comes to Korean actresses (my other favourite is Kim Hye Soo). She is so high that possible suitors might be intimidated by her status. It might one of the reasons why she could not find the right man until now. HB differentiate himself from others by getting close to her without being intimidated. One of the reasons for that SYJ has high regards for HB as well. Their understanding of each other, their mutual respect for their skills and capabilities are the foundation of their relationship. This is why i love them, they are mature, they learnt from their past experiences and approach their relationship with that mindset. It's clearly not a fling or just some love sparks but they have a good foundation of mutual respect and admiration. Love is like a wind could pass in a blink of eye but respect is what stays forever. Exactly! In some interviews both SYJ and HB mentioned that they thought they were in love before with their partners while dating them but after breaking up they realized it was not love. @kriswu I don't know if I am allowed to repost the GIF you posted but my favourite of all time is the one during Negotiation promotion in the bus where they clipped all the cute poses of them together.
  13. Dating is healthy. Especially the way HB does because it means he is responsible and cares about his partner emotions. Who believes their oppas are all celibate, everybody dates! And given all the news about entertainment darkside, the most clean and untouchable actors that no one expects are the ones date around the most. So I urge fans to not take everything at the face value. He is a quite respectable man who puts his career as his priority and as a normal human being he dates responsibly.
  14. Although I want people to express their opinions freely, @pnaysurfer84 I agree with you on this. Everytime we try to bring the mood up, someone comes and bring it down immediately. I started to believe people from other ships come create new accounts to discourage us here (total conspiracy but i will start believing it if this keeps happening). I have too much work to concentrate but here i am telling people to be positive I ll focus on my work now and be back when things are cooled down.
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