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  1. My theory is that, Lee Shin had altruistic intentions during her first few resets and tried to save them from their deaths. As she successfully saved them, the butterfly effect ended up with the death of her daughter during a reset. I have a feeling that the timeline we are watching is a "reset within a reset" to try and correct the death of her daughter.
  2. I feel you! I am basically just waiting for Hyun Bin and SYJ to announce their real life wedding. Screw dating. With that chemistry, go straight to getting married and start making those twins.
  3. When RJH yelled " do not run" to Seri, my heart dropped. Quite frankly, that scene was the best acted throughout the drama. SYJ and HB killed it with their acting. Might I add, I loved the fact that the writers focused a lot on showing that yellow line separating NK and SK. It might seem trivial at first, but I found it so profound yet preposterous. Imagine being separated from the love of your life by literally a "yellow line." I thought that yellow line symbolized such deep political ramifications that applies to the real strife between NK and SK. It's brilliant how they managed to insert such political undertones so subtly.
  4. I get it. Really. I really do. I would not have complained if we got a lot of fanservice for an entire episode. I have to confess that my faith in the writers started to waiver a couple of episodes ago. It felt like the plot was losing steam and we would end up with such a rushed finale. But boy was I wrong. The emotional payoff made up for me trying to watch the doldrums of the drama. In fact, I found it fitting not seeing our OTP experience "NORMAL" stuff. They were never a "normal" couple to begin with. This is something that the writers were great at in this drama. They never veered off their identity. None of the characters went rogue. No one became completely unrecognizable to try and fit the demands of the viewers. RJH was always this innocent, loyal and upstanding man. He had a petulant side when around his parents but morphs into the reliably mature dude around Seri. Quite frankly, watching the inexperienced RJH all swoony and "touchy feely" would have been out of character. Same goes for Seri. She had to put on this tough woman facade to protect herself, but hiding behind the mask is a woman just longing to be appreciated and loved, full of childish antics and kindness. It seemed that when she survived those self-destructive thoughts, she simply just lived on and started to "let herself go" by dating around. Finding RJH with whom she had such deep emotional connection with, he was the first man he's ever wanted to be his COMPANION. Not to sound prudish, but her feelings for RJH went beyond lust.
  5. This is probably one of the most satisfying finales I have seen in a long while. Such incredible attention to detail and superb acting were in full display. This episode managed to elicit a gamut of emotions in me. I found myself ugly crying not just because I was sympathizing with the OTP, but the show managed to dig up past heartaches that I've been through. I am sure one way or another, we've all experienced losing someone so important to us, that just the mere thought of not having them is incomprehensible. It feels as if life would stop without them. Yet, with time, you find yourself continuing to live on without them. It was precisely what RJH and Seri went through. As much as the overarching trope was unrealistic, everything about the love and relationship that RJH and Seri shared was real and raw. In this case, I loved that they did not reunite immediately. Showing us how they each coped and continued to live a relatively happy life apart from each other was realistic and poignant. It reiterated the fact that as much as Seri and RJH were "soulmates," they did NOT complete each other. They did not need each other to "live" and thrive in their respective lives. However, being together made every aspect of their lives BETTER. Ultimately, that's what true love is supposed to be both in reel and real life.
  6. This is why I am somewhat disappointed with the writing. The plot was not that unique to begin with. What attracted us all, or at least myself, to what was seemingly an "ordinary" plot was the acting and chemistry. As much as I found the plot to be very common, it was executed well in the beginning. Nothing was dragging. Everything was resolved swiftly. Why drag this Cheolgang sub-plot, when there are plenty more intriguing tropes to explore? They have yet to fully tackle the overarching dilemma from the very beginning -- how the hell are they going to be together? I sure would not want them to just spend 1 episode exploring this issue. The most frustrating part is that the writers have shown hints of brilliance throughout these episodes and they are wasted on trying to make the drama a thriller. The tone of the drama drastically changes in every episode, from romantic comedy to full on thriller. The transitions haven't been smooth and borderline jarring sometimes. But, I must say, the poignancy that they manage to depict in the epilogues and certain dramatic scenes, is truly unmatched. Not to mention, the acting all around is just brilliant! If this was any other drama, I would have dropped it already.
  7. Yes! I gotta admit, the plot was a little slow this episode. But, boy did it end with a heart dropping moment!
  8. I agree. Hyun Bin is a veteran actor. It is unbelievable for such a seasoned actor to be so careless about such matter. He knows the fan uproar and backlash that his currently airing drama would suffer for such a trivial mistake. Also, as Dramanoona have mentioned, scenes are not shot in sequence. This is the most reasonable theory about this. It is also not going to be out of context if the two end up exchanging couple rings and what not. So yea, I wouldn't freak out about this. Besides, Hyun Bin has always been very upfront with his prior relationships to the public. He has never been the type to keep his private relationships in secret.
  9. I couldn't agree more. As you've mentioned, their encounters in Switzerland not only emphasized that they are "fated" to be with each other, but showed that our actions affect others in ways we never expect. In this case, RJH played that song as a farewell to his brother. It was a song that reminds him of a very tragic and sad event in his life. It was a song that he detested hearing again in his life for the fear of re-igniting his grief-stricken self. Unknowingly, as much as it was a song full of grief and pain for him, it uplifted someone else. For Seri, it was a song that literally saved her life. If you really want to go deeper into this, I'd go as much as to interpret that as RJH was offering that song to his late brother, feeling lonely and alone in the world; he was sent another person to be with him -- Seri. This drama is littered with plenty of poignant and subtle symbolism. It's brilliant. Am I alone, that I actually do NOT want them to remember their prior encounters in Switzerland? I think that remembering all of those encounters would diminish the profoundness of the entire "fated" arc between them. I find it more romantic to think that the two are so destined to be together that the world "shrank" multiple times to accommodate their fateful encounters. They failed to get to know each other in Switzerland because timing was not right yet. Both of them needed to grow individually so when the world connived again to let them meet, it would be at that "perfect" timing. Oblivious of their prior serendipitous encounters, they fall in love because of who each other are, not because of the idea that they were "destined" to be with each other anyways.
  10. Let me also begin with the disclaimer that as a Canadian, I also do not have the full grasp of the political tension between the SK and NK. Everything that I am about to say is purely as a drama consumer who is watching this political rift between NK and SK as purely a spectator. What I do not understand is how someone living in the comforts of a "first word/developed world" would have the desire to live in NK. How is it that this drama is deemed to be "glamorizing" NK, when they've shown nothing but the political unrest/corruption in their government, lack of technological advancements, the poverty suffered by the citizens and even showed the shortage of daily necessities that "normal" people outside of NK have access to. For example: how can someone find it "glamorous" to go to NK when you're risking getting your car's windshield wiper be stolen by just merely parking it or not having refrigerator to store your food or as Seri has pointed out, having to heat up bath water in the cauldron when she has unlimited hot water in SK. If anything, if you really go deeper, this drama re-iterated the massive inequality that North Koreans suffer. Under a communistic regime, this drama emphasized that those who have the socioeconomic upper-hand are free to do whatever their want, while those born in poverty are left to suffer. As jamy47 pointed out, the conservatives in SK are protesting against this drama due to their fear that South Koreans would have a romanticized view of NK. It is a fair argument. However, I would argue that this presumption is a disservice to the intelligence of its South Korean audience. These SK conservatives are essentially sending the message that they need to protect their citizens from a FICTITIOUS world because they are too naive and gullible to not be able to discern between fiction and reality. Anyways, I am not worried about this. This is not the first time a tVN drama has had to deal with such a complaint. Plus, I am pretty sure that the production team had the foresight to prepare for this knowing that they would be tackling a politically sensitive matter. If this actually leads to arbitration, tVN could easily win this by arguing that they have a disclaimer in the beginning of every episodes that what they are about to see are FICTITIOUS. I am just irked when people politicize art. I watch dramas as an escape from my already politicized reality, I do not need it injected into my dramas.
  11. Disclaimer: I am not a film studies expert. I am just someone who's watched asian dramas for almost half my life now. I would have to agree with your observation. The writers use flashbacks in very timely ways. They wrote the scenarios with the presumption that their audience are quick-witted and clever enough to discern how point A gets to point B. I appreciate it whenever dramas treat me as a smart audience. I don't like to be spoon-fed with everything. It ruins the mystery for me and annoys me to no end when they use flashbacks as fillers. It is as if I've already forgotten about a scene that just happened a couple of episodes back. In this case, the lack of explanation on how RJH's brother died or how they met in Switzerland or how YSR was abducted; actually piqued my curiosity and increased my intrigue on what really took place. Also, this drama has perfected on when to actually reveal the explanations. Other dramas would either reveal the flashbacks too early and ruin the suspense or reveal them anti-climatically, when I've already pieced everything together. For instance, I thought the timing was so perfect when RJH and Seri found out that they already met in Switzerland before. As audiences, we already had snippets of how they met, but we did not get the full picture until that moment. Plus, it was revealed at such a momentous time in their relationship. They did not use the entire "we're fated to meet" trope to ignite their feelings for each other, rather, they found out about their "fate" when they were already in love with each other. It further solidified their love rather than ignite something in them.
  12. Right?!? So, I am not alone? That scene where he barged into CG's mansion to get Seri back and he was wearing that grey turtle neck, I think. I swear, I zoned out for a good couple of minutes just staring at his shoulders. I had to fan myself a little bit when I came back to consciousness. I think he mentioned in an interview that he actually had to focus on working out prior to shooting this drama because he had to look "stable" and strong since he is playing a military.
  13. I agree. Seo Dan trying to coerce RJH into marrying her was just gag-worthy. Especially, when she thought that keeping RJH in jail, would buy her time until their wedding day, to ensure that RJH won't be able to do anything rash before their wedding. However, I thought that showing us Seo Dan's flashbacks, as to how she started to "love" RJH was very timely and needed. Her flashbacks reiterated the fact that Seo Dan's feelings for RJH is NOT love. It was an infatuation that became a habit and ultimately became an obsession. It's frustrating to watch. Wake up woman! On a positive note, this engagement arc, was actually a great instrument to emphasize the selfless and unconditional love Seri actually feels for RJH, in comparison to the obsession and fake love of Seo Dan. Seri was willing to connive with RJH's parents to hide her from their son. Seri was willing to let go of RJH to ensure his safety. Meanwhile, we witnessed Seo Dan doing everything just to ensure that RJH would be at the altar to marry her. Even if that meant marrying a man who loves someone else. It is really a great juxtaposition by the writers.
  14. Am I alone, that I actually like the progression of their kissing scenes? I thought that they actually did a great job tailoring the "type of kissing" they showed, proportionate to the situation. For the first kiss, we got the k-drama staple, wide-eyed kiss. Second, the rain kiss scene. I thought it was beautifully done. It was their first legitimate kiss as two people officially aware of their blossoming feelings for each other. It was a spur of the moment, very tender and gentle kiss, but filled with apprehension and consternation. At that moment, the ever upright and disciplined RJH, could no longer deny his feelings for Se Ri and allowed himself to express it. Albeit, as we saw in his kiss, still very controlled. That kiss was very much a great description of where their relationship stood. They both had mutual feelings for each other, but given the circumstances, they needed to hold back. And of course, the most recent law defying kiss was still very appropriate to the situation. Given that in their minds, it was their LAST kiss, RJH gave a very deep kiss. Full of longing and sadness. Yet, RJH still remained in character, it was gentle, respectful and pure, yet passionate. Frankly, it would have been out of character and place if they shared a torrid kiss then. Also, a "hot" kiss would have probably diminished the sombreness of their farewell. However, now that RJH is in SK, and would seem to be staying with Seri, I am expecting for more sexual tension and lustful interactions. As others have mentioned, I am expecting the overflowing sexual tension depicted in Oh My Venus. I am no longer going to accept gentle kisses from here on. As I have mentioned, their kisses have been very apt with the trajectory of their relationship, so far. Now that they are in the honeymoon period of their relationship, I am now expecting passionate, hot and lustful kisses.
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