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  1. I am really intrigued by this drama. Still a little bit confused on the rules of this world, but the confusion is making me want to see more. Not gonna lie, that ending made my heart drop. Great acting and oozing chemistry, as expected from PBY and SIG. The characters are very mystifying and nuanced. I cannot wait to gradually peel back the layers of each characters.
  2. This is precisely why I think that the ending we got today makes this a possibility. It would be a very interesting watch to witness a drama focusing on the inner-workings of a Mafia. Possibly tackle how an Asian adoptee worked himself to being an Italian Consigliere and ultimately becoming the boss. Of course, Cha-young has the perfect temperament to be the Mafia boss lady.
  3. Now, the least satisfying, but still quite fitting was the resolution (beginning?) to Vincenzo and ChaYoung's love arc. I appreciate that they were both self-aware of what they have done and addressed the elephant in the room, that they could never be together in Korea. We all knew Vincenzo's future in Korea was bleak. I would have loved to see more fanservice, but I understand why giving us "lovey-dovey" moments in the midst of such evil monstrosities would feel forced and out of place. I have never been a fan of time jumps, but I think Vincenzo and CY needed that. They both needed to heal i
  4. Now, let's talk about the deaths. I really commend the writers for giving each one of the villains very apt and grotesque deaths. Han-seo's death was the most painful to see, but I'd argue that it was necessary. The main objective from the beginning was to bring down Babel. HS has made it clear multiple times that he would "straighten" out Babel when he becomes chairman. If a transformed Han-seo remained alive, the Tower of Babel would remain standing. Vincenzo would have failed in fulfilling his ultimate goal. Besides, the brothers' arc has always been touted as a parallel to that
  5. It seems that I am of minority here who LOVED the ending to bits. It was a very satisfying ending for me. Major kudos to the writers for sticking to their guns. They allowed Vincenzo to embody a mafia's murderous and tenacious ways to the very end. Vincenzo is probably one of the best-written anti-heroes I have seen in kdramas. He remained dark and merciless till the very end. We even got confirmation that he still continues to lead the same tenacious ways. This drama was never written to show a mafia's redemption arc or atonement. It was done to reiterate that the world can be so evil, that t
  6. This is such an interesting observation. This writer is so well-known for his religious metaphors and symbolisms. I mean he named the evil conglomerate in this show Babel. hehe...I wouldn't even be surprised if the writers wanted to convey, not only CMH's greed for money but to portray her as a glutton as well.
  7. As expected, Cha-young is now Vincenzo's achilles heel. I am looking forward to this epic finale! Meanwhille.....it's only Monday! Damn it...
  8. If I am not mistaken,CY indeed quoted Aristotle. If it is, the writers are indeed very smart to use such a philosophical line that could be interpreted a multitude of ways. To me, that quote was never purely romantic.
  9. I agree. The bromances he has developed are such comedic and heartwarming reprieve from all of the evilness going on. Not to mention, it humanizes Vincenzo. My sentiments exactly. It's the precariousness of their situation that is making it hard for the both of them to take the plunge. But, I really think that Vincenzo has learned his lesson from the regret he felt after losing his mom. I really think that as he was looking at the pen that CY gave him, he realized that the same thing could happen. Hence, he got off the plane to be honest to both himself and cha young.
  10. If I am not mistaken, CY translated Aristotle's "Friends are two bodies with one soul" quote into Italian. That quote is a well-known, "I am sorry, but you are friendzoned" quote. hehe ...That's why the writers succeeded in making me believe that they both did not want to pursue a romantic relationship. But, as you have said, I really believe that Vincenzo getting off the plane was the crumb we have all been waiting to fall. The writers are channelling their inner-Vincenzo by tormenting us by dropping such an infamous "friend-zoning" quote, only to completely make a U-turn and have
  11. It was such a brilliant scene! I have been chomping at the bit for what Vincenzo has in store for the torturous demise of JJW and we got that scene. It was brilliant! Song Joongki's acting will make that moment indelible in our minds. It certainly is for me. It really showed that Joon Woo was not even deserving of such a formidable enemy to begin with.
  12. I have to admit, I was also a disappointed with little HCY scenes the past couple of episodes. But, the name of the drama is "Vincenzo," they are bound to really focus on his character, which they did and I couldn't complain. The past couple of episodes did not hold back on revealing the true Vincenzo. I am very grateful to the writers for not holding back and really showcasing Vincenzo's dark side. This is how you create a morally grey character. Now, that Vincenzo is fully driven to avenge the death of his mom, we get to see the true fury of a man scorned from the death of a loved one. And l
  13. This drama is just too damn unpredictable. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, it throws a curveball at you! I have so many thoughts about this episode, I don't know where to even begin. I can't wait for the last two episodes, but at the same time not looking forward to it because the withdrawal from this drama will be so painful.
  14. I am sure that the cliffhanger for tomorrow’s episode will make us all go bonkers for the next two weeks!!!
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