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  1. Has anyone seen the video of Pyi Chi Soo/Yang Kwang Won singing? I don’t know how to insert a IG link. But he can sing well. Oh my heart.
  2. Exactly. For the newcomers especially, starring in such a big hit like CLOY is almost a guarantee for a bright future in the Korean Entertainment Industry. I follow the ducklings’ IG accounts and their IG followers have doubled since I checked their account and posted their follower count here around 2 weeks ago. Yoo Soo Bin/Jumok aka Hallyu expert - from 70k plus to 123k followers. lee Sin Young/ Gwang Bom aka Handsome duckling - from 230k to 330k followers. Joon Sang /Eum Dong aka baby duckling - from 43k to almost 90k followers. If Kyung Won/Chi Soo aka Tsundere ducklingg opens an Ig account, I am sure it will blow up. In the wrap up party, the crowd outside the venue really screamed loudly for him. I really like that people appreciate his acting skills. He has become quite known now and he doesn’t need to look like the typical K Idol with multiple surgerIes (sorry I have to say thus!) His talent will take him to many places. I swear if I were a writer, I would have written so many good roles for him already. I will miss Chi Soo. Nobody bickers the way my Chi Soo does. LOL You are not alone. We have become so immersed in CLOY, its amazing characters, and the wonderful and thrilling world it has created. Now that it’s over, it is quite difficult to let go and move on. I was quite emotional at work today with a heavy feeling in my chest, felt like I lost something I will never have again, lost a time of my life I can never relive. Sounds dramatic but that’s what I feel. The only thing KDrama related I am doing now is checking this forum. No more Kdramas for me for around 5 to 6 months except maybe Kingdom. Quite curious about Itaewon class but I need to grieve CLOY’s ending. Hehe so that will have to wait coz like Seri I have a condolence period of 6 months. Well, the truth is I need to hnd in my thesis in 6 months. Lol
  3. LOL. yes. This time I promised myself no more procrastination. So gonna take a long break from any drama until I submit my thesis. Wow! This is even more remarkable.
  4. I’ll be a honest I wanted more from the ending but lemme say this. I doubt there will be any KDrama in the next few years that can have such amazing characters and actors/actresses who give life to these characters whether it is the main lead or secondary characters. No one can top CLOY, I swear. I wish an amazing writer can someday make another drama with all the cast included from innocent Eum Dong, to the now promoted Captain Pyo Chi Soo, to KDrama expert Ju Mok, to Young Ae, to the crazy-but-cool siblings (SD’s mum and uncle, to the NIS RiRi Fanboys. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. It is quite bittersweet that this will be the last KDrama we’ll see all the casts in the same show. Hope everyone’s career will flourish even more. Hope the rookie actors will get to shine even more. I’m looking at you Chi Soo/Yang Kwang Won. Please open an IG account. Lol I promised myself after CLOY, I’ll focus more on my postgrad studies. No more excessive Netflix watching of CLOY. So as much as I’m saying goodbye to the cast and the show, I’m also sad to say goodbye to everyone on this forum. The discussions were really fun. *cue emo music* I’m glad to spend this rollercoaster journey with you all.
  5. Wow so does that make it the second highest rated Kdrama on cable TV ousting reply 1988? What a way to end the show! I still demand twins and some heart to heart talk between Papa Ri and JH. But wow just wow!
  6. My one unfulfilled wish is Ri family rebuilding their relationship since there became a hole there since the brother died. I want Mama Ri to see once again the sweet JH she lost when his world crumbled when MH died. I want to hear Papa Ri and JH having a conversation explicitly telling him to have a happy life and he will support him in whichever way he can. He already showed his support when he facepalmed himself out of disbelief that his son is in love. Would have been lovely to have a scene on that. So I’m just going to imagine that. No one mentioned when Papa Ri asked JH “Is Seri alright?” Awww Director, you sweet gangster. Thank you for killing that general or whatever his position is. LOL A bittersweet ending for SD as well. I honestly felt the writer could have given more depth to her character but she walking with her cello was the badass way to say goodbye to the show. She is what she is and she will move on. Now she had experienced being love even just for a brief time, she will hopefully get her happy ending... in season 2 perhaps?
  7. That’s how I understood it as well. That at some point they have settled in Switzerland after their 2-week annual meetups. That lovely house looked more than a vacation house with their photos. But I guess we can interpret it any way we want. The ending was bittersweet but seeing our OTP happy was more than enough. I wish I get to see the twins and Papa Ri and Mama Ri visiting them and also the ducklings getting letters from SR. Oh well... Season 2. I will miss this show, the ducklings, the banters, everyone. Quite emotional right now.
  8. Agree with the comrades who are showing love to Pyo Chi Soo in Episode 15. He is the ultimate tsundere out of all tsunderes. He truly cares despite his loud mouth. lol He sacrified himself for Ju Mok and Eun Dong when they were being chased because baby duckling, though he is the youngest, is his family’s breadwinner. Ju Mok has parents to go back home to. Plus, his dad was very smart because he thought sending potatoes was an assurance that his son will be treated well by his comrades. LMAO But, Chi Soo Dongmu has no one. :’( When Chi Soo thought they were going to be tortured, the first thing he did when he saw Baby Duckling was to ensure his fingers were in tact. Lol Awww if that is not real brotherly love, I dunno what is. If I were to re-write CLOY with the same cast of course, I’ll make Chi Soo the second lead. LOL but no need for a second female lead. He and his mouth (as he said during the interrogation) are enough. In an alternate universe, since he has no parents, he can defect to SK and argue all the time with the head of NIS. They are the perfect match. Lol
  9. This was also my concern after finishing episode 15. How can the writer wrap up the following issues: 1) Safety of Papa Ri and Mama Ri because the ambitious military officer really want to take Papa Ri and his family down as seen in the trailer. 2) SJ’s unlikely death or survival. 3) Se Hyung and evil wife’s plan. It looks like they are still scheming till the very end. I’m also sure they will get their comeuppance in the end. 4) JH and ducklings’ return to the north. 5) Final decision of who will be the CEO of Queen’s group. 6) MB’s reunion with his family. That’s all I can think of for now and that does not even include issues involving our OTP. I hope writer-nim can wrap it all up without rushing everything and leaving us with just a minute of happy scenes between our OTP.
  10. Episode 15 was not that bad TBH. I expected something better though, like a proper buildup to the finale. It seems like the last few minutes of the finale will be rushed because not much loose ends have been tied in this episode apart from CG’s death. I am going to forgive the writer for episode 15 because the NIS agents were hilarious (the biggest SR and JH shipper) and I enjoyed how Jumok and Chi Soon pranked Eum Dong. I still have a bit of faith in you, writer-nim. What I cannot forgive is this unnecessary arc of SD getting into trouble. :/ I know SD and SJ couple have fans but watching the last few minutes got me wondering. How the hell will this add to the finale when we are supposed to wrap things up? I know I am being mean but their unnecessary screentime was the sole moment in this episode when I FFed. Their storyline have been messed up already. Like I’ve said before, their screentime seemed to have been sacrificed to give more time to more popular and likeable characters (eg ahjummas and ducklings). That scene made me wonder why now? What is the point? The writer could be featuring them walking in Pyongyang, having their last beer, etc. I am not sure if I’m expressing myself clearly but really this SD-needs-saving arc was the low point of this episode. But NIS came to save this episode. Lol They even consulted a psychologist. Lol
  11. @lavanta Agree about the re-opening of Kaesong industrial area as a possibility since this is not too far fetch from reality (current SK president express wanting to re-open it, right? - correct me if I’m wrong comrades). So, it won’t be too contoversial for SK viewers and political parties. So, that’s where SR’s investments can come in. But it doesn’t necessarily mean SR stays in NK. Investing in NK first and foremost can justify JH’s presence in SK so Papa Ri won’t get into trouble. === I am a 30-something married woman but Crush’s song makes me feel like I’m in a forbidden relationship with someone from an enemy country. LOL This is the second best CLOY OST for me after Sohee and So Soo Bin’s Good.
  12. I agree with you on this one. I know it does not serve the storyline but I wanted SR to stay longer in NK for the reasons you mentioned. There is a sense of community, simplicity, contentment. Most of these are now lost to many people including SR who live in world of consumerism, materialism, and endless competition. The simpler life she had in the village (notwithstanding the risks of being found) seemed more meaningful to SR. It was a temporary escape (although unwanted and unplanned) for SR to have a glimpse of life she never had and she never thought she’d like. SR in SK even with JH is not as carefree, playful, and content as the SR in NK again despite being in the risky situation she was in. I doubt the writer wants to fully criticise capitalism and individualism in today’s societies including SK society at the risk of it being misinterpreted as supporting communism and NK but she is indirectly showing that SR herself isn’t fully aware that she is trapped in this system that did not give her happiness. This is why I really felt a pang of sadness when the director showed those poignant scenes of JH’s house when SR was about to leave for the airport. It was like the beginning of an end of a time in JH and SR’s lives. The viewers know as well that soon enough SR will leave. This house in a village where SR formed wonderful memories with JH and the ducklings will be no more. SR and SH can make new memories but they will never have that special moment in their happy nest again (unless writer-nim decides to make SR defect to NK which is very unlikely). Some beautiful moments in life are meant to be momentary. At the same time, I like that they are in SK now because this is where SR truly thrives. JH can see that as well. His woman is the boss. But if only SR also realises that there is more to life than financial success, career etc, that there is something to be had in having less, maybe she can recreate that happy nest in NK with JH in SK or Switzerland so they can once again enjoy homemade noodles and clam bulgogi instead of Subway, Chicken BBQ, where being unfashionable is okay sometimes and there is no need to wear coats worth 25 million won. Just the two of them and their loyal friends (this is obviously a bit of a stretch coz the ducklings can’t all defect. They also have their own lives and families in NK) and the care and love they all have for each other.
  13. Just a thought after comments from fellow comrades about SJ and SD romance, that their story was probably changed by the writer hence the incoherence. I have a feeling that the second lead’s story was partly sacrified to give way for more screentime for the ducklings. I ain’t complaining as I love them. If I were a chaebol heiress, I will use all my Omma Card or Seri Card to fund shows about the ducklings. No PPLs, no worries about ratings (as rich papa can fund the production lol) just good times with the ducklings and their fun adventures... with their parents of course. I noticed that the ducklings and MB are more visible in the show than earlier episodes (especially during episode 6 to 9 where they were almost just like an afterthought). I guess the production probably noticed the good feedback our special forces (plus eavesdropper) have been receiving. My Chi Soo was even trending yesterday. LOL Also, I follow the ducklings’ IG (Chi Soo doesn’t have one though), their followers have more than doubled. Eun Dong’s account when the show began only had less than 2000 followers. Now, he has 40,000. Lofty handsome duckling had 80,000 followers. Now, he has more than 200,000 followers. I forgot Joo Mook’s follower count but I’m sure that it has more than doubled as well. I guess this is an indication that they really made a good impression on the viewers. I for one will surely follow their careers after CLOY.
  14. So, just finished episode 14 (Thank you, Netflix, for not making me wait that much lol). Overall, episode 14 is still very, very good. However, Cheol Gang having 9 lives was frustrating. I think this was the weakest thing about this episode. I mean, even if MB missed taking the shot, CK can’t just easily escape the scene with at least three gunshot wounds. I understand for others the plot is still moving too slow. This might have been done intentionally so we get more excited about the last 2 episodes. We had a couple of important things that was revealed in episode 14. - SR’s family found out about the truth and this is big. I was worried that the writer will leave it in the penultimate or finale. - So, now, the parents can take necessary actions (remove Se Hyeong etc) instead of rushing it all in episode 15 and 16. - The writer may give more twists but for now it seems this SR’s real mum is a spy is out of the picture. She abandoned young SR because she hated her. No surprise NK biological mum in the picture which will mess the storyline. This might not be much for others but it sets the scene for the finale. Also, I doubt JH was shot. I bet NIS shot CK before he managed to shoot JH. I know this is a romcom but this Bourne Legacy type of shooting scenes is somewhat a given considering we have the male lead as the soldier and the baddy is also soldier obsessed (for not much good reason though) in harming the male lead’s woman. Gone are the days when people just knifed each other. Also, can I just say Director Ri in episode 14 is badass. He has no clue what is going on in the South (Strange as the power hungry boss of CK has means to communicate with CK) but Papa Ri knows how to play the game. He is always one step ahead of his enemies. That way, he can buy himself and JH more time to sort the problem out. He trusts his son’s ability. He knows he will be back in a week. That’s my papa Ri. I imagine Ri family as the Stark family. Very principled and loyal to each other. However, unlike Ned Stark, Papa Ri is very smart. Lol So, his enemy’s heads are usually the ones ending up on spikes instead of his. Well, at least, figuratively. I love the ducklings plus MB and they can be in all scenes and be fillers. Heck, I will never complain if they end up in unexpected or unnecessary scenes like in the NIS headquarters or a weekend getaway to Jeju Island before they go back to NK. Writer-nim isn’t perfect but she did well writing these amazing secondary characters. Hiping that the last 2 episodes will be exciting and tie loose ends.
  15. Same! Plus, how many times did JH shoot him before MB pulled the trigger for the supposedly final shot?! Arrrghhhh There are still several issues to be resolved (eg how to go back NK in order to resolve the political issue over there, Chaebol family feud regarding the CEO position, etc) and this guy just can’t die!!!