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  1. this scene gives me hope ! Admiring the paragliders in action, together with so much awe.. https://youtu.be/6ssddiw5vME anyone knows the name of the tune to this scene?
  2. Hi everyone ! I’m new here and I crash landed here because of HyunBin oppa and Son Ye Jin Unnie. I enjoyed watching this kdrama thoroughly and have watched all episodes up till the latest episode 8 . Am so excited to have stumbled on this show as it has been very entertaining watching the comedy , romance, suspense and all the action. It has also been really fun reading some of your comments, analysis, feedbacks, updates, musings of how swoon-worthy RJH is in the show... I can’t wait till the weekend to see what happens next! RJH and YSR definitely has expressed explicitly their interest for each other in the last moments of episode 8 and am excited to see how their relationship will be taken to the next level now that more is at stake. Hope he finds her soon. ( that gunshot definitely did not kill her btw) meanwhile I can’t help but wonder if either RJH or YSR actually remembers their numerous encounters back in Switzerland: 1. YSR and RJH admiring the paragliders from a spot 2. YSR wanting to commit suicide at the bridge but got distracted by RJH’s request to take his photo 3. She was on boat and heard him playing the piano by the pier . Did all of this happened during one trip? Or they met at a different time hence the non disclosure of their identity(in NK). Or if could just simply be characteristics of a kdrama.
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