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  1. I've been a silent reader for far too long for this thread, I love reading all the guesses & thoughts here but I never had any intention to reply as somehow few people have echoed what I feel at times. But I feel the need to reply to *123mary123* that --- do not think too much. It's their personal life whether they are in a (romantic) relationship or just a platonic relationship. Whether they have fought and made up (well, who wouldn't right in every relationship?) What we see on the social medias would NOT always be 100% of our real life. Even to us, the non celebrities. We, the non celebrities can disguise ourselves, mask our real life with those 15 seconds of Instagram stories or any social media posts be it Facebook or Twitter, what more them, THE celebrities, especially Korean celebrities, whose life are under microscope, been scrutinized to no end by their fans, audiences and medias.. What we see are only 1% of their real lives. Look for the unspoken gestures, body languages, smiles and attention and you have the right to believe whatever that you wanted to believe. Their overseas groceries' shopping (I would not travel alone across thousand kilometres for just anyone, it has to be someone. LOL), the hands tugged at the other's belt, the attention and care given and also received (like when he asked her to cover her legs before sitting down), the laughs, the smiles, the warm environment created around when they are together doing promotions and interviews, pay attention to that stuff. I just hope for the best of both of them. If they are in a serious relationship, they are the most perfect couple for me as their chemistry is organic, unlike what I watched when he was with PSH; if they are just close friends as how they claim to be, it's also good for them. Well, at least they get to kiss each other in a platonic relationship LOL! If there's love in the end, love will find its way, just hoping for the best for them and do not think (analyse) too much for they are human too I am sorry if my post offends anyone here.
  2. You had me at "where the actress is like a limp fish with lips" LOL. Ya, I've seen quite a few so truth be told I was quite sceptical at first imagining HB & SYJ's kissing scene hahaha.
  3. Thank you for the clarification. Oh how I wish the kid acts as Seri & JH's kid and they settle happily in Swiss hahaha.
  4. I found this on instagram, this is the kid who sent Hyun Bin & CLoY team coffee truck right? Saw his pic with his mother (perhaps) in Swiss, the pier posted yesterday on this instagram account. Could it be (just my imagination) that he is the child of Seri & Jeong Hyeok and they will settle happily in Switzerland? (They'd better be, my heart could not take a sad ending or "crazy" ending like Memories of Alhambra or Vagabond LOL!) https://www.instagram.com/p/B7mpVkrpwsK/?igshid=16dintyet2u7c
  5. I don't think Netflix will air those special episodes made of BTS and interviews. Netflix only air the 'real' episode of a drama, never a BTS if I am not mistaken. But you can live stream it from TvN channel. I always watch CLoY live streamed from TvN at 9pm KST (without the subs of course, not understanding 99.9% of their conversation but thoroughly enjoying Capt Jeong Hyeok & Seri's facial expressions hahaha) then I would watch Netflix 2 hours later.
  6. I watched the preview of episode 11 again, and I notice that Seri's scarf was with Jeong Hyeok, there's this part where he is taking it off after (or was it before?) Seri asked him to get comfortable.. hmm, what has happened prior to that? Imagining another romantic encounter LOL (this ahjumma and her wild imagination)
  7. Yes to all of the above. Their kisses have been very apt with the trajectory of their relationship..
  8. I would love to imagine Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri will have a scene similar to one part in Fifty Shades where the actress ate ice cream sitting on the dining table in the dark and the actor came into the kitchen half naked to have a glass of water (forgive me Lord for I forgot both actors' name in Fifty Shades due to my post pregnancy brain cells LOL).. then we could imagine what is next hahaha! Just my suggestion & imagination. Jeong Hyeok topless would send CLoY's rating through the roof hahaha!
  9. I am with you in this. I love how now the kissing scenes have improved A LOT as compared to 1990s K Dramas. They have improved like a lot hahaha. It's my preference of not having explicit 'bed scenes' in CLoY, perhaps the director can just show/lead a bit of bed scene and the rest, it is up to the viewers' (wild) imagination haha! Oh, that making out scene between Gong Yoo & Jeon Do Yeon in A Man and A Woman, I was shock to see that in a K Drama (it is one of my fav movies of Gong Yoo, my 1st imaginary boyfriend, and Hyun Bin 2nd LOL)
  10. Thank you soo much for the translation. I appreciate this Yes, it will help you with this withdrawal symptom that you're having LOL! 10 days are meant to repeat 10 episodes. Please start today Found this article about CLoY's filming locations. https://www.kpopmap.com/filming-locations-in-switzerland-more-of-crash-landing-on-you-that-you-need-to-know-about/
  11. I laughed when I read above posts about Grandpa Ri, Daddy Ri & Baby Ri. The mom's Se Ri. Made my day. 10 days to go. I will repeat 1 episode per day starting today so by 1st Feb, tadaaa episode 11 Looking forward!
  12. I hope I can post this here, can someone help translate the caption.. Thank you. This is a post from ig TvN, about Ri Jeong Hyeok https://www.instagram.com/p/B7k1Ywage5e/?igshid=s3k2zczhimuu
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