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  1. This one. GOD. Please read CLOY's thread for clarifications, not just throwing "bad" assumptions which will only taint their image. They are senior actors, not some crazy in love teenagers.
  2. Please delete your "malicious" comments previously, not all delulu is okay with "pardon my delulu" or "hahahaha" or "kilig".. there's a fine line between making assumptions and spreading a malicious statement.. Be a responsible shipper. P.S. I am responding to your earlier comment.
  3. Let's agree to disagree to some points that dont go in parallel with our own points and opinions. This is democracy, unless we live in NK. @Avani I agree with some of your points, I agree to disagree with some of your points. Lets support BinJin, be a good shipper, and supportive in things that make them happy whilst waiting and praying desperately for their good news, whenever they are ready. The pandemic has taken a toll in most of our lives and lets live happily now.. I am looking forward to watch Bargaining, and for any Ye Jin's new movie (whenever that is), meanwhile, I rewatch CLOY scenes, that are surely make my heart flutters, always. ❤️
  4. Me too! I read on Twitter the film has more actions than The Negotiation.
  5. From what I understand, HB's new film will start script reading soon and filming will take about four months to complete. I believe this is about his new coming movie, Bargaining. Let say they start filming in May, will end most probably in September 2020.
  6. Before anything, are you in a relationship or married or still searching for your soulmate? Notice that in every relationship there are phases. That's all.
  7. What really matters to BinJin is beyond anyone's knowledge and NOT anyone's opinion. Fans, possessive or not, at the end of the day, well are JUST fans. They live their (love) life, and in their relationship, there are only 2 people. A guy, and a girl, named you know who, and thats what matters.
  8. Thank you to the mods for reopening this lovely thread for us shippers.. For non-shippers, there's a beautiful life out there if only you know on what to look for to determine your happiness. Live a life that don't harm others. We are happy in our BinJin bubble.
  9. The irony is, those who are "counting" other people's money as to whether they have donated or not; have they donated as well? LOL. Sad mentality.
  10. You are allowed to believe whatever that you want to believe but ship responsibly.. that's all. We'll "just wait, and pray desperately"
  11. I love the fact that these "close friends" coincidentally donated on Feb 27. Is it a DESTINY?
  12. May I add, I super love the scene between Hyun Bin & Ye Jin in the interrogation room. Their actings are at par with each other. Incredibly amazing, the emotional pain, the physical pain, the eyes that did the "talking", and welled up tears.. I bow down to these two amazing actors. May I ask @Tomato_Princess your take on the hospital ICU scene where Se Ri was being treated because of sepsis (sp?).. I am quite disturbed at how it did not really show the severity of her condition as sepsis is no laughing matter. It's just my opinion.
  13. Good to know about this. Congrats CLoY team!! We always know that Saturday's ep's ratings are always rocky right. Fret not, tonight's episode will show the increase as its finale ep.
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