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  1. This reminds me of So Ji Sub's denial about his marital home purchase LOL. Let's not go there. Let's not cross our boundaries as fans. This is not the place to ask whether this piece of information is true or not. You can call MSTeam to ask, or email them, or ask to speak to Vast CEO for clarification. *Please note that this is not a serious advice on calling those 2 agencies. Stop with prying into intimate details. Just be grateful with whatever info we get that is deemed not sensitive to be shared. I love BinJin.
  2. I am still high from Hyun Bin's acceptance speech last 23rd. 22 days after their confirmation. and 22 days from 23rd will be Valentine's Day and I hope we'll get (HOPEFULLY) Smart joint CF on V Day. 22 is meant for BinJin. Ok, before I sound crazier with this 22 digits, I need to end this note with a hope that they will get married on 22nd, any month. Hopefully 22nd April 2021 coz April means exactly one year of their confirmed relationship. My maths could be wrong, but don't blame me, blame it on BinJin. Hahaha. Kidding. have a good day chingus. May we receive lotsa BinJin happy
  3. They get confused between a lie and a strategy to protect one's personal matter. They were naïve to think that honesty is 100% assured in showbizz, be it anywhere, South Korea or Timbuktu.. come on! Don't be so naive. To accuse HB lied just because of the denials, clearly they should stay out of this K Ent bizz adoring idols and actors. Come into the playroom to join my son playing minecraft.
  4. Hi all. I am in no position to control others on SNS but I saw some posts on Twitter mocking the Titanic since 2011.. I just want to say this and I hope the Mod won't delete this post or warn me from wrongdoing.. As much as we are on cloud 9 since Jan 1 (I still am, haven't really cooked for the family coz I am soo happy for BinJin haha), I hope we all refrain ourselves for mocking anyone from the said Titanic. Let us all focus on our happiness, focus on BinJin, focus on Hyun Bin and focus on his girlfriend, wife to be (OMG can't believe this is going to happen probably this year!
  5. The Bin Trinity has completed. LOL. https://twitter.com/kdramadaisy/status/1345352289414909952?s=19
  6. I cant withnher cuteness I feel like I want to marry her myself!! Hahaha. Ok, Hyun Bin you won. My husband, shut up. I love you BinJin. I love you so much.
  7. GUYS HOLD MY HAND PLEASE. HOLD ME. I AM THIS CLOSE TO GO TO THE OTHER CAMP AND SHOVE TODAY'S NEWS for all their mockeries on us BinJin shippers. I am beyond happy. For Son Ye Jin to publicly admit her relationship after 20 years, I can only think that something has set in the stone and I am praying hard. Keep on praying desperately guys!! With love, one BinJin shipper to other BinJin shippers.
  8. The couple behind looks very much to our BinJin .. https://twitter.com/__myleona/status/1334419890682281984?s=19 If I read correctly from his instagram via Papago, he was the Chinese gangster in CLOY..
  9. That Meerkat is HB fan only, perhaps belong to Oppa is Mine Club LOL. IGNORE her. SAD that she has to come here to shipper's paradise to communicate. Please drive safely and never return here. I will not respond to any reply coz you know, there's a saying "never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it." I choose my battle wisely. Until then, I love BinJin.
  10. Gosh. I have a degree, a post grad diploma, a master's degree and currently writing for my PhD thesis but does that make me better than my dear Ye Jin?? NO. I love her for who she is and she is wayyyyy richer than me! We are all different in our own way and it is wrong to look down on people just because we have something that she doesnt have.
  11. NOOOOOOOO not another long essay! (I am kidding, pulling your leg here) Thank you for strenghtening my faith in BinJin.
  12. Her essay is too long my brain is hurt reading. Can she just draw a fishbone kind of mind map? Hihihihihihii. Ok back to serious shipping. I saw someone tweeted on Twitter (duh, of course!) that they saw LMJ's is scheduled for appearance in APAN on 29th Nov (recorded I think) but Ye Jin had no schedule for APAN? She did win right for that Susan app.. Missing Ye Jin and Hyun Bin.
  13. I am not a BinJin shipper, I am BinJin supporter. OH NO, WAIT! I AM HYUN BIN'S Oppa is Mine Club President!! LOL. Sarcasm. I can't wait for Hyun Bin's Bargaining & Ye Jin's Cross. Af of now, I will keep on waiting & praying desperately while watching CLOY on their 1st anniversary come 14th Dec, 2020.
  14. Agree with some have written above re the voting. I am an ahjumma and I did try watching ads and collected hearts to vote in the Checholgang app. All for the love of BinJin. Come Idol app, I can buy hearts and I did just that and abandoned the other app. I have some money to spend for voting.. but I am not diligent enough. My point is, you do you but please don't invalidate others' efforts for BinJin. The only one to be blamed is thissssss voting creator who sucks our money coz they know fans ARE WILLING.. and I succumbed to the evi
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