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  1. I’m curious, but do modern cinemas really have special ramps for wheelchairs? To be honest, I rarely saw such improvements in my city.
  2. I can assure you that you will hardly feel this heat. All buildings are equipped with climate control, especially for motels and leisure centers for tourists. The hottest hours here are dead time, siesta time. It’s very easy to get used to it. To quickly move around the city we used a local taxi - These guys know the city very well and each car has air conditioning)) By the way, there are cool roads and there are never traffic jams. But you can see all the latest car brands at arm's length)) In general, Dubai is an interesting place to relax and even more comfortable for foreigners than some standard beach resorts.
  3. You are lucky if this is the usual measured work without rumors and deadlines. I would prefer just such a job as a start. However, I have a disgusting boss who requires a lot and does not want to raise his salary (I'm from NY). This infuriates me very much, but I can’t influence it, just look for a new job. So far I have left online poker as an activity for the soul When I win it raises my self-esteem. Did you notice that it became difficult for youth to get a good job now?
  4. Today I was on a site for fans of virtual reality. Nothing special, but one guy posted a screenshot of his winnings in online slots. 42 thousand, guys ... 42 damn thousands ... I can play poker, but such amounts were not close to me. In principle, none of my friends have won so much, have a peek at these guys. I am angry and disappointed. I have been training in poker for a year now. What am I doing wrong?
  5. It's fun to ride here for fun .. break the rules, come up with tricks.. Everything else is boring ..
  6. Good question .. I would have a few wishes. And the first is to choose a future profession yourself .. Two years spent in vain matters to me now.
  7. A good mobile application is at least a year of experience as a junior. Otherwise, it turns out a meaningless thing))
  8. I never understood the joke with the dyson. Is that what a superweapon should be in every episode? I could find dozens of funnier gadgets in any of the original source. Riding a cat on a small robot vacuum cleaner would be a funnier moment than a cleaner with an evil face with a dyson in his hands.
  9. Useless thing. My planned budget goes to the trash after the first meeting with friends. I spend exactly as much as I get. The only plus - I never use a credit card (yet)
  10. I never managed to dance as beautifully as in the training videos. Maybe I just don’t have talent for this?
  11. It is difficult to communicate with a new girl in real life when she looks directly at you .. I would prefer a video chat first ..
  12. It's all nonsense. If a person is actually ill, even such herbal medicines can enhance mood. Better to just sleep a lot ..
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