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  1. The sad ending of our second lead couple inspired me to make this video about why Kdrama second leads are so tragic. Oh man, writer-nim is so cruel....
  2. I've just uploaded a new video about significant plot differences between the latest two episodes (5 and 6) and the original webtoon. Soo-ah originally did report the pub to the police, not Yi-seo's old classmate. And this is just one of many changes the drama did to the story this week
  3. Today I read 'Itaewon Class' webtoon and here are all significant differences in plot between the two versions that I found. I was pretty surprised that the writer changed quite a lot. But it's still fun to watch Thank God tomorrow is Friday LOL
  4. Hi guys. I just finished the first four episodes of Itaewon Class today. I really enjoyed it so I made this video about my first impression of the drama. I hope you guys will like it ^^ (OMG I love Kim Da Mi's facial expression in this scene so much!!!)
  5. This video is about poor Kdrama characters making us feel poor. Laughed hard at the Crash Landing on You part with the North Korean market scene
  6. Any 'Crash Landing on You' viewer would be shocked and feel so broke when watching this video cuz I was shocked, too. What a watch....
  7. Just made another funny video about romance K-Dramas that mentioned 'Crash Landing on You'. Hope you'll enjoy it! ^^
  8. Hi guys. I just made this funny (or dumb?) review video of Crash Landing on You!!!!! Hope you guys'll like it BONUS: His hilarious facial expression LOL
  9. My favorite scene and quote of the drama^^ (The quote is from the last scene of episode 6, but the scene was hard to edit so I picked this scene instead).
  10. Making quote GIF was my hobby. I hope you'll like this image^^ I'll make more GIFs like this.
  11. Just found this hilarious video. It mentioned Crash Landing on You in some parts, I couldn't stop laughing By the way, I just finished the sixth episodes. The last scene was so touching. SYJ and HB's chemistry is awesome. I don't know why but this drama reminds me a lot of My Love from the Star written by the same scriptwriter.
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