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  1. I’ve got to disagree with you. The drama has allocated more screen times for the main leads’ storyline than other sub plots. However, the chemistry and acting are not there. Hence, the lukewarm response.
  2. Uhmm but their love story is anything but extraordinary. I am probably a minority here who wishes this drama cuts back on its romance.
  3. Yup, just watched it last night. It’s not really up to my expectation, I shall see how it progresses.
  4. Finally, a better episode. I hope they would cut the romance and continue focusing on its appeal which is the parallel universe. I seriously think this drama would have been better without any romance in it.
  5. I am not going to argue with something that is based on rumors. However, I do know that Netflix still has negative balance sheet. Paying a hefty amount of money wouldn’t impress their stockholders. Fyi, buy/hold/sell rating is updated in real time. Quoting an old article is not recommended for such information. I am a trader so I know
  6. I understand your point. However, I don’t think Netflix pays that much because it only counts for distributional rights. You are welcome to correct me if you have a number (I remember Dramafever could pay up to 1M USD for a drama which was one of many reasons for its closure). If you read the annual report of CJEm, it’s stated that a drama should create a domestic buzz and achieve certain ratings in order to be profitable. Unfortunately, this drama has less domestic buzz compared to other dramas such as HP or WOTM. I do think they might be able to recoup their investment when they sell the broadcasting rights. However, with Netflix on the table, I am not sure how this scenario plays out. Isn’t it the main reason for filming a drama while it’s still airing? Some adjustments are usually made to suite the taste of general public. We shall see how this drama evolves.
  7. I think they need to pick up the pace. As the korean public do not favor the main couple, I think they need to change the narrative by focusing on the parallel universe and solving some issues that were introduced in the preceding episodes. I know for some of you ratings are not important, but you need to remember that the production of a drama involves not only its stars but also production crews who rely on the drama’s success. Return of investment is important due to the increasing of production cost. If you bother to read articles from the PD of Hospital Playlist, he mentioned about this issue as well. Currently, the cost of a drama is not sustainable. So many production companies rely on A-list actors to get high ratings and sponsorships. However, hiring those actors come with huge price tags. Let this information sinks. Edit, this drama is competing against Three Meals a Day which arguably has better casts and chemistry.
  8. Could anyone please give an overview of this drama? I watched it and have no clue since I cannot speak Chinese. Thank you.
  9. I literally watched it on Netflix just an hour after its premiere. But go ahead and believe what you want to believe. There is no point in arguing with you because you are focusing on making Netflix as a scapegoat of this drama’s failure. Peace!
  10. No, you are wrong. Those dramas were/are broadcasted within one hour after their airing time. I watched them so I can contest your argument which is based on an unreliable source. Have you calculated the timezone? Don’t just quote blatantly.
  11. Netflix is not the problem, it is the drama that has some quality issues. I hope they’re going to do some edits before broadcasting the subsequent episodes. Being a pre-produced drama, there is a limited option to save this drama.
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