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  1. Hhhh the Yw dad is realy dump. He is weak with this scumb. So annoying
  2. In the clash between them, Jw look great and déterminate, while the other was boring and weak.
  3. I love CA and JH relation and love. But i'm realy enjoyed thé scènes betwen CA/Ksw.
  4. I I can understand Yw. She doesn't have enough self-confidence. She is a woman who has 7 years Child and older than her lover, more than that her situation is poor with her father, her sister .... I understand her.
  5. This Sa is realy something. She préfère TR Who is HR brother, the girl Who make her Sister want to die. And it's OK for her. She is always selfish. First, she choose money over family, now it's her love over family.
  6. It's realy good and interesting.
  7. Sa to TR : i can dump my family but please stay with me, i already did and i can do it now.
  8. So for Sa. It's OK to be with TR, the brother of the one Who take her hasband and more of that, thé one Who make her Sister want to suicide. Even TR is ashamed. But for SR, CA shouldn't be with JH, and don't want his Mother to know what she realy did,(MAKING HER SELF AS ORFIN JUST TO MARTY JW) so selfish and self centred.