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  1. I just want to say that the last 14 minutes of episode 15 is phenomenal! It reminds me of the “goodness” of episode 12. I’m really at awe at Jang Nara’s acting! She is topnotch! I’ve seen a lot of movies and dramas through the years and admire a few actors’ acting but I guess she is crazier. I thought she couldn’t top her performance in VIP. But no, I was wrong. I was truly blown away! Kudos!
  2. I love this drama to pieces! (Thanks to all the people behind this especially the writers, director and actors. They are doing an excellent job.) It’s the only drama I’m watching right now. I’m a fan of Jang Nara for a couple if years and for that two years, I think I already watched 80% of her work. She is an excellent actress no doubt. This role is different though and i’m really enjoying it. It’s my first time watching Jung Yong Hwa in a drama ( I searched him in YT as soon as I learned that he’ll be the leading man and i’m now enjoying some of his songs too kk)... In episode 7, the relati
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