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  1. @triplem Thank you so much for you hard work! I’m looking forward to watching ep 15 and 16 tonight even if the sub is not complete. I’ll sure will miss this drama. Though it’s a bummer, there’s no kiss scene?
  2. That was fake. She was in pain from her medical issue....I don’t think she got pregnant from that as that was only a few days before her pain becomes really bad ( and she got an operation for endometriosis so she definitely is not pregnant) I will be a waiting for English sub for the 14th episode but not looking forward to it. I don’t know about others but when Jang Nara cries, I feel like crying too. I find sincerity in her acting....I just hope I can sleep tonight. Endometriosis is very painful! One of my closest cousin had it and she was in a lot of pain and had a very irregular period. She was married for years and we wonder why she didn’t have kids yet (she is the only one in our family who had this issue ). She eventually find out that she had endometriosis and got an operation. She remains childless and both her and husband accepted their fate. Watching the drama made me think of her, as I was clueless how hard that must be for her. In my home country, people who are infertile are look down upon, as if they are less of a person, especially for the man. People have even have a term for it. When I was a kid, adults pointed out who had that kind of problem and even then, I feel pity towards those couple( because kids are expected to take care of parents when they old and they have none).Fortunately now, IVF/ infertility treatment is easily available ( though very expensive and could take very long). Adoption is also an option ( which Hari mentions in ep 12 ). @ nodame I wonder if just recently the Korean government have a say in k-dramas minimizing kissing scene during this time of pandemic ( though you pointed that “world of the married”)... I was disappointed too! We know that Jang Nara and Go Joon could handle hot kissing/ bed scenes well. They are pros! Pdnim and writernim, don’t be a slacker! Please show us how it’s done, we want to see it!
  3. @triplem Thank you so so much for your hard work! It means so much! I’m very busy as usual but really have to stop my work to read the recaps. That’s how important it is! Really appreciate your time!
  4. Now, I can breath ! Finally, Ha-ri apologized and remember those “sweet words” . Thank you writer-nim for not killing us with too much angst. You almost did! Now, I could go back to my work and sleep better tonight! Thank you @triplem for the recaps..
  5. Ouch! Writer-nim, you better correct that! Pronto!
  6. I do agree with this! Both are at fault! Yi-sang didn’t really plan that kiss in the last scene of episode 8. So in a way he didn’t plan to have a relationship with her at that moment but it happened because he can’t keep his feelings for Hari any longer. There was really no time to divulge the reason why he can’t have a relationship with her earlier, why he was so hesitant. And as he said previously, once he kiss her, there’s no turning back. Hari is the same, she was told that he doesn’t like children but can’t help herself from liking him and welcome him in her heart...My guess is it just a momentary shock for Hari (as it is her ardent desire to have a child) and then disappointment but then acceptance will ultimately follow. I just hope that Yi-sang will continue talking to her, pursuing her and won’t give up and both won’t listen to annoying Jae-yong ( though he has a point that Yi-sang should have told Hari before starting the relationship as he knows full-well what Hari’s dream is). I feel that the coming two episodes might be sad as they struggle with their issues but I have hope that in the end Hari will keep her promise that other than a child, “love” is also a miracle and won’t let it go.
  7. This comment made my brain go to the gutter!
  8. Hahaha...maybe it’s the second day! First day is too fast! Lol ...though I won’t mind!
  9. Yeyyyy! Seems like a happier episode! Thank you always @triplem for the recap! This is my happy place! Always looking forward to Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for your recaps! Also thank you to people in this thread for your feedbacks, infos and GIFs. Really enjoyed them....so much appreciation.
  10. Wahhhhhh....Ddeum, I didn’t see that coming! Good job, man!
  11. @ElectricHearts I think it’s in episode 1 when Hari was drinking while watching a movie. What’s interesting is that I thought both Son Ye Jin and Jang Nara were Chinese or at least half-Chinese. They don’t look Korean to me. I’m so wrong.
  12. @triplem Thank you always for your hard work! Really appreciate it! As the only airing drama that I watch right now, my life depends on it! From reading this to watching it without subs, and watching it with subs and rewatching favorite scenes to reading comments...It is silly to say the least ..I know..but this is me in quarantine..haha...Anyhow, it seems like a sad episode.. I feel so bad for Hari for experiencing all these unnecessary attention and harassment both in her personal and professional life. She doesn’t deserve it! With this kind of backlash, I’m not sure if having a baby worth all this heartache. It might even endanger her work...I hope in the coming episodes, we will see her happy and I hope I-sang will make up his mind and pursue her...
  13. @triplem Singlemotherhood in Korea is very difficult. Not only that you’re treated as an outcast but your child will be as well. It will affect both you and even other family members as Korea is a “group oriented culture”. I was surprised though that not paying financial child support is not a criminal offense in SK. It might be the same in other Asian countries so as not to encourage people to engage in premarital sex that usually ends up in unplanned pregnancies. It is very hard for an individual to raise a child without money and without any support from their family. Thus, men and women generally now wait until they are settled financially to commit into a serious relationship and marriage. Plus Korea is a “pressure cooker” society! You want your kid to be the best they could be, to reach their potentials and thus a lot of parents really put their all into their child’s education/ extra curricular activities and so another problem emerge, low birth in SK, even worst than Japan in a recent survey....As for Hari, she is ok financially and she has her mother to help her take care of her baby. She’ll really be a loving mother. Despite seeing both of her friends struggle with kids, she wasn’t discouraged. I am really rooting for her! I wish majority of would-be-mothers are like her. We have people who become mothers and fathers but don’t deserve their kids or I may say they were not good to their children...they are not happy to be around them and see them as burden. Hari is a different breed, she loves to be a mother even as a kid and see motherhood as a happiest thing ever. I feel bad that other than that she is in her late 30’s ( which is still not too late for having kids as women now a days could have babies in their 40’s) and no baby daddy in sight, she also has endometriosis which add to her urgency to have a baby. Was she only given 6 months to start pregnancy? I wonder how Hari’s story will unfold. Will she go to traditional or unconventional way of having a baby? Truly, the premise has a lot of potential and will see where the writer will take us.
  14. @nat-phoenix88 I like that this drama has a good balance of comedy and melo. I really enjoyed the first two episodes. I feel for Hari’s struggles. It might not be easy for her to be a mother at this age especially as she has issues with her ovaries and no particular Baby-Daddy in sight. But as she said, it is now or never. She is so right that men have a tremendous advantage when in comes to marriage and children. Men could marry in their 50’s and even in their 70’s and still could have kids but not women. I knew of a few women who have similar struggles.They wanted to be financially stable before getting married but realized a little too late that dating becomes more difficult and most men around their age were already taken. In Korea, where marrying in their middle to late 30’s is pretty standard, infertility also becomes a common problem around this age group. IVF/ having a sperm donor is now on the rise. But I think it is still frowned upon. I really wish Jang Hari will have a baby. She will be a good mother! Her scenes with the baby and her imaginary daughter teared me up and made me reflect my lacking as a mom. Jang Nara is really particularly good in those scenes. I want to look at my boys that way again even if they are not babies anymore....Jang Hari, Ajah!
  15. As @triplem said this particular drama is not available in Netflix. If you are in North America/ U.S. you could watch it in Viki with English subtitles (it may take a few days from its airing before English sub is available). You could watch it with English sub in TVn Asia/ Viu if you are in Asia...but if your location is in Florida, then you could only watch it in Viki.
  16. @stella77I heard that in my home country (I’m Asian-American), it is available in Viu. Is Viki in Asia?
  17. @stella77 Maybe it is available in Netflix Asia. I noticed that there are a lot of k-dramas available there but not here in the U.S...It’s the first time I heard that it is available in Netflix. I only watch through Viki so i’m very happy. It may take a few days for English subltitle but i’m fine with that. I’m really thinking of switching to Netflix from cable now that they are showing more k-dramas. But for now, I’m ok as don’t watch that much anyway. My problem is rewatching my favorite dramas over and over...
  18. Mia Carr, it just premiered 3 days ago so I just saw 2 episodes which I really enjoyed. This drama is supposed to have 16 episodes. I watched it in Viki without English sub. I didn’t know it is available in Netflix. That is good to know.
  19. Triplem, thank you so much for all this. I really appreciate it!
  20. For Viki, it usually takes 24 hours before the English subtitle. I’m trying to watch it without sub right now...
  21. I am so excited for tomorrow! May 13th will be here very soon! Can’t wait... Anyhow, when is the press conference? I thought It’s today...
  22. Yes, TVn change the airing date. I was a little surprised too. Maybe because they didn’t film enough yet? In that case, good for them as we don’t want the drama to not air in the middle or for them to have live filming. They are working hard enough despite this crazy virus...Yes, Memorist already ended! So I wonder too what is in store for Tvn in that timeslot this week....I’m trying to watch “Nobody Knows, Misty and rewatching Fated to Love You (for the tenth time) while waiting...
  23. I Love the poster making! Thank you for the eng sub. I think this will be fun! i missed Jang Nara in romantic comedies, so I hope this too won’t disappoint. Because I’m not too familiar with Go Joon, I watched Fiery Priest ( first for Kim Nam Gil ) as soon as I heard he’ll be paired with Jang Nara. I find him really manly and his voice sexy...and a good actor too. For Park Byung Eun, I remembered him in “ This is my First Life” and i have only good things to say...I haven’t seen anything of GunJoo so we’ll see. Oh My Baby....Ajah!
  24. Really really looking forward to this! I adore Jang Nara!
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