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  1. This Drama..*sigh*


    I have completed quite a few weekend dramas (with many FFs ofcourse) and I anticipate that break ups between both our OTPs are bound to happen, with a lot of angsty moments between them. But I couldn't make my self stop watching it, and keep myself rooting for them.  Like someone said in this thread, JH&CA is like happy pills.


    Towards CA, JH is a goner for quite a while and it will be heart breaking for him to end things with her, and I assume Shi Wol will come out and put another conflict between JH,CA and JH's mom. Her being a police officer will play a role and it will be a test for her whether to put truth first or protect Judge Hong. Who knows, SW might be a reason for three of them to reconcile.


    Chaka-nim, I'll have to trust you with this one!:sweatingbullets:

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  2. 13 hours ago, USAFarmgirl said:



    Just watching her closing her eyes full of anticipation and him with that ever so slow grin in making us believe he knows what she is thinking.  Almost like peaking into his closed off world deep inside and watching as his emotions seep out while hearing him saying to her and us next time.:wub:


    That is until you remember what happened while they were holding hands. LOL

    Yet no matter when that first kiss should come it's the anticipation in not knowing that's always worth the wait.

    And so much fun...


    What a beautiful thought :wub:

    Your take on this scene reminds me why I join Soompi's forum. It might be simple and trivial to some people, but for me it's kinda deep. How scenes and stories that are fictional actually can trigger what we actually feel or we miss to realise.


    Yet no matter when that first kiss should come it's the anticipation in not knowing that's always worth the wait. --> THIS. Sometimes the anticipation makes is mor worthwhile.


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  3. Hello everyone..

    First post in this thread.

    Whoaa..Chocolate got me surprised with its warmth and dreamy melo. I love the first two episodes, the backstory is told quite clearly. 

    As predicted by many of you, we have a sick person in a drama, and after watching the long preview, I think MS will die and leave CY & LK to heal each other while unraveling many secrets in their past.


    Yoon Kye Sang is so charismatic, his very existence made me swoon :wub: 

    and Ha Ji Won's earthy vibe is just lovely and she's convincing as a chef. 

    All the food are sooo pretty and I look forward to more food galore in upcoming episodes.


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  4. 34 minutes ago, triplem said:


    Unfortunately for those wondering, JW has yet to address or apologise to SA about the affair. And as we know from yesterday's episodes it was not a one-off thing . The frequent business trips with HR had a lot of extra activities. Hmmmm...if JW wants to win SA's heart back it has to be some sincere begging there for her forgiveness. I don't know , he isn't such a bad guy ( he isn't like his mum and seems decent)...but if I were in SA's position I would always be worried if my husband has cheated on me ....I am not sure if it is easy to forget  and in the past it was not like theirs was a marriage based on love. He was well aware she married him for the status and money.  She clearly told him she can't give him his heart & he knew what he was getting into...so he can't use her lack of love for him as an excuse. 


    So there had been so many 'business trips" before right? I actually wished that JW & HR just started the affair but apparently not. It's a big no for me then. The way he chose to keep away SA from her family for 9 friggin years was already a deal breaker, and a cheating? Sorry JW, you should just move on with your life. I'm not sure JW & HR should be together tho, but HR seems to be in love with him, but I also want her to pay back her bad deed to CA, so happy ending for her is still not okay for me :unsure:

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  5. Hello Everyone!:wub:

    Wow I gotta sign up here just to vent my love for this drama..


    This drama is my new crack and I had never gotten so invested in a weekend drama like this one. I finished 'What Happens to My Family' just recently and got my self search for another good weekend drama and voila! this one suddenly captivated me from early episodes.


    Even if I'm relatively new to weekend drama, I still find this drama is great and has interesting storyline. It has been a lovely surprise that the setting of this drama is somewhat different, the pace is quite fitting, not dragging but not pushy either, not many cringey scenes, and on top of it all, the casts are amazing! Seol In Ah and Kim Jae Young make me a new fan of them, and I found my self search for their other projects. The craziest of me was I just finished In Ah's previous weekend drama, the da*n 121-episode-long of makjang and birth secrets :sweatingbullets: (Skipped many many parts tho)


    Anyway, the latest episodes are just awesomeeee..super love the unexpected move of JH to ask CA to date, their reaction to each other is so on point, I found myself smiling like a fool watching them..JH is not needing any further training after all, he's been so sweet from day one, but boy, kiss your girlfriend already!! She's been waiting for almost 10 years!


    I love everyone's take on this drama, and it makes me happier that many viewers love this drama as much as I do.


    60 more episodes kinda make me anxious, but on a brighter side, we gotta see more of JH-CA being cute together! *fingers crossed*



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