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  1. The agony of being an international fans. I feel you fellah Thank you so much!
  2. Guys, tiny question.. where can I watch the special episodes? I supposed it wont get uploaded in netflix?
  3. Woah!! That's how you patch things up perfectly! No doubt, drama of the year! The Christmas spirit is just pure LOVE Ongsan neighborhood is truly the best, gee I'm a total sucker with heart-warming shows Good thing, I keep visiting the thread.. Netflix subs is not that reliable, I was wondering why that patch on that uniform was girlish.. Aside from the magnificent ambulance scene and Ongsan's networking, I love how PG and YS's mom reconciled.. it went so naturally, sometimes I do think that speaking by actions is better than hearing in words.. the show really did a splendid job delivering its message, values and lessons. Lastly, I was really moved how they took care of Dongbaeks household especially through Pil Gu. Looking forward on the two special episodes
  4. I hope JCW and WJA can work on another project together again as the main leads and in a better romantic script. Episode 16 was their last chance, but they blew it.. tbh it was expected, there's no way you can wrap up everything in 1 episode, especially when there's way too much to settle.
  5. Yep, drama sure is just like you I've watched decent amount of kdramas and as for me this is the break up that really makes sense, I've been to that noble-idiocy road watched that for the nth time, typical its us against the world, I'm no good for you such things.. But hey two adults breaking up knowing exactly why and why they should let go of each other, this doesn't happen very often. You were right they sure need some time apart, but we might differ on DB being way too attached on PG.. again PG is not an obstacle to their relationship even YS understood that why he felt so helpless. Sometimes the saying right love at the wrong time, damn happens. Don't get me wrong I'm not overly protecting DB here.. it's just that her circumstances is acting like a richard simmons taking advantage of her limitations. I do feel the same way about you sometimes, coz a guy like YS is to GRAB FOR! Let me share a scene where I really felt infuriated on her, it's when KJR stating reality checks on his financial status over YS (it's a jerk move, but hey he's talking life here). YS clearly told her not let KJR in her bar again, but she's still letting him in and for goodness sake she should've slapped him real hard that time, but she didn't.. all we get, is, wait for it.. HEY! no wonder YS's mom barge in with a purpose. Couldn't agree more! But I do still think parental guidance would play a big part on shaping up ones core. -- I found no flaws how they delivered the break up scene, foremost okay might be a unpopular opinion but I sure like how they take this emotionally. Their relationship is bound to overcome tons or humongous hurdles ahead, they did went through a lot. It would be a lie to completely ignore and not be bothered by the circumstances that DB's in. In a short span of spring they laugh, they cry together, one ran and one chases the other, one went off head on battling social enigma. Other went to fight her own self, strive and driven by YS's love, enduring unavoidable agony (YS's mom), life threatening incident and factors.. and was currently facing life itself together. Stating these things both were fighting and holding on for one another in their own way, it dismantles the question and grounds on whom loves more.. Waiting, don't take it for granted. It's a significant time were you or the other can fall out of love, no one knows what the future holds. I get it, it's not like their cutting off one another so it's really not that dramatic-dramaland-case after all, but I'm pretty sure they're going to do the break up properly.. being apart, not being able to show affection and intimacy they need, to shut off their feelings for the time being, I personally don't think it's an easy task. They established a pretty solid bond not just romantic involvement but the companionship that naturally came along.. it's worth the tears, Why I would totally bawl my eyes out just like the two of them did.
  6. Agree to that 100% Facts. Which is why they're not entitled to be called Mother, or they refuse to be one. My take on Jessica is exactly as Hyang Mi said on the drama. Parenting is definitely a huge part on how a child might turn into, sucks to say but her parents and herself are to blame, she brought that to herself, if DB who's an orphan not to mention all her unfortunate life experiences somehow still managed to be a lovely person, then why can't she? but it's not too late for her, I hope she does find the will or calling to change just like HM and NGT.
  7. Thing is I think the break up is inevitable, I'm actually surprised that it came this late. It became like that because of DB, she held on to YS as long as she could, for all the odds and variables and DB as the person she was it's nearly impossible for her to even date YS.. but then because YS relentlessly pursue her give her the confidence/love/respect that she needed,DB started standing firm but life was an absolute **** and PG isn't an obstacle for her to overcome, PG is her son, her life.. Yes DB is a woman first before being a mother, but once you became a mother you can never turn your back on motherhood. YS on the other hand got rewarded even before he caught the Joker or risk his life, he was loved back by DB before he succeeded. On the other hand I'm not at all disregarding nor discrediting all YS's effort and love. In fact it's really devastating how it seems that everything went down on them breaking up. YS had always been there he brings everything on the table even going on against his mother. I feel frustrated on how the-good-guys-in-drama-land always get the shorter end of the stick..but then again YS should never win against PG as of this moment and he exactly knew that, in his inner thoughts the end of episode 18, well damn I don't even know how he feels right that moment. I would really love if this happens in the last 2 episodes.. My take on YS's mom, I don't feel disappointed on how her character turned out. For all I know MOTHER would go to any lengths or hell for their child. I don't really like how the neighborhood or YS's mom had this social condemnatory and stereotypes with single moms, but YS's mom is neither right or wrong but one thing I'm sure that it's her duty of a mother to make sure that her child walks on a flowery path. ONGSAN is probably the unsung heroes of the whole production, the neighborhood feels so alive and someone already said here that it feels like it do exist somewhere.. especially the ONGVENGERS who bring tears and warm to DB, I love how tsundere they were or I'm just a sucker for treating someone with no blood relation like a family like one of theirs. Pil Gu is just seriously amazing beyond words. I cried buckets for him.. being proud on how he was brought up to how he is, his character screams balance and perfectly written as he may be mature in someways but the drama is not going overboard demolishing that he is still an 8 year old kid. Almost all his lines hit the right feels, may it be with DB, YS, KJR, YS's mom, DB's mom and even his friend Jung Gi. He definitely deserved an award KBS make this happen!! As for the Joker, mainly because I don't want them to use the remaining episodes. I'd like it to stay as it is.. case closed as HS's father so that the detective skills of YS won't go to waste and just wrapped it up by explaining his purpose by him or through HS or pretty sure the writer won't fall short to this. I hope that it won't be a cliche HS getting revenge on YS. They shouldn't rush wrapping up every relationship that has with all the characters with 2 episodes left, should be enough. Hoping for more cuddly time with Dongbaek and Yongshik!
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