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  1. me too, i am so happy i caught this drama,,, i 'd been hiatus for such a long time with kdramas, thanks to MGY and KSH and their amazing chemistry, finally i found my new addiction,,and now i'm gonna miss this drama so badly, i have to endure my CTG's withdrawal syndrome now. honestly , i dont really care about the subway killer things, i came here purely because of our subway couple, i love them so much, the awkward yet so adorable couple, im just so happy just watching them talked, argued, and smiled to each other..and the kiss is like a reward to me, just like you said, they are so natural and believable as a couple..and KSH ..what can i say..his dimples are to die for..not to mention about his actings, he is so great. btw JS and YR remains me of our Taeja couple in OB, their awkwardness and cuteness are so adorable
  2. uri 33years old bajangnim looks like a high school teenager when he kissed..lol..i laughed so much ..hahahaha nonetheless it's worthed.. yes indeed..it' s a deep kiss actually PDnim..ahh..why you zoomed out that precious scene
  3. yea, they kiss,,not the best one, they zpom out the scene..lol, but it's sooooooo sweet ,,arhhh..my heart is beating faster
  4. yes you are right..couldnt agree more..if there is no romance development between JS and YR until the very last episode, they shouldnt give us the budding romance at the first place...
  5. woahh..the two last episodes were too dark and intense, my heart was beating faster with the two last episodes remain, iam waiting the moment when JS's mom recognize JS as her son, and when YR meets YJ and the moment when YR says she likes JS too ( actually i lost my hope with the romance part ), but i still want to see the happy ending for YR and JS in the last episode..YR with her sister YJ and JS with his mom, and i also hope YR and JS are being together , side by side , support and comfort each other while taking care their beloved one YJ and JS's mom... and the last but not the least,,i want a kiss scene between JS and YR ( honestly i just want to see a kiss scene between MGY adn KSH ,lol ), just a little kiss,.... argghh the writernim so stingy
  6. oomonnaa..last night episode was melting me softly..uri chief is jjjanggg, no doubt he will be a very protective , very caring BF ever newbie is so lucky,...
  7. the saddest episode so far , seriously i bawled again after i watched it with eng sub..arghhh..those tears..i can really felt his / her pains..,,i have no words wth MGY's acting cuz i knew her, this is my KHS' first drama , so i amazed with his actings.. in the light note. based on the preview for the next episode...sooo they are gonna have some "ramen" lol, ..i think it will be so funny.. eventhough just seeing them standing next to each other, and the very little caring - gentle gesture JS did for her, i can really felt butterflies in my stomach..but..its really hard to ask a kissing scene in this drama?? desperately waiting for monday-tuesday to come..why so far away ?
  8. last night episode was so heavy..i'm heartbroken TT..my heart goes to our chief..huhuhuhu i know i cant blame YR, but still i want to be angry at her KSH is soo good in acting, when he cried in front of his mom,,i was crying all along with him
  9. in the last preview . it's heartbreaking to see JS's tears, i dont want to see him sad again he already in pain when YR said she doesnt want him as her partner, and now, she wants to go to metro? if YR really joint MR and WH in metro to catch the subway ghost, i think JS wil joint YR to help her..the thing he have never did before as for MR i dislike her character, ..i wondered why JS liked her before, as she said she has a nasty temper,,lol..but i think i understand our chief tends to like girl who has an unique character i cant wait for the next episodes, mon-tues , please come faster
  10. i admire JS's character so much, he is a great son, , he sacrified his future career, and his first love because of his mom,, he is such a gentleman , he loved ma ri , he thought he didnt good enough fo her if i were ma ri i will also want to get him back since she knows the reason why they broke up, i actually i felt sorry for mari but it's too late for now..it's not just because he cant promise a good future for her, but because his heart already left her, he already move on,,,, i cant wait for the love progress of our subway couple, i think JS will be come YR's new neighbor
  11. my first comment after a very long long hiatus in Kdrama, actually i had an account in soompi, and i was a superstar then, but i forgot my account password..*sigh i love love this drama so much, so much love for MGY my sweetheart in Kdrama, and i dont even know know kim sunho before, but i like him so much in this drama, he stole my heart with his comedy acting, not to mention about his adorable dimples maybe i am missing something, but i just wondered and confused how come WH knew our subway couple like each other?..they hardly meet each other, how did he know?? me as a viewer , i just learn to know these cuties are have feeling to each other lol unless WH spied them on their daily activities
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