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  1. There's a comment now that says the translation is wrong - apparently, he said he was proud of the photo
  2. Ya know, I was just thinking earlier that the beheading kiss scene must be the most "scandalous" scene in all of KES' dramas. I don't know if I'm just biased because it's KGE and LMH, so correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm not sure anymore how the lines of shippers here go, but add me to the delulu list. It's a lot more fun there these days
  3. Now he just need to post a photo wearing his control room outfit next and he won't have to say anything else
  4. Also just my POV: July 2 was not a random day. And the specific times of posting didn't feel random. But today is a very random day (as far as I know).
  5. So long as we actually don't know anything, I'm focusing on the title (My Love By My Side) and the fact that he seems to be driving
  6. Saw it, too. They seem close, it's cute. I feel a bit uncomfortable that they're being stalked by fans, too, but I guess it can't be helped
  7. No, not offended at all. I know what you mean. I actually started it again because I thought it might help me move on, since it's the last drama before TKEM that got me so attached. But I did stop by episode 3, even if I still love everything about the drama, and just went back to rewatching TKEM from episode 1
  8. Because I love Hotel del Luna, please just allow me to say this: Why did you jump to the last episode? Why would you do that?! About the DVD/Blu-ray, I read something about it but just from discussions among fans. They say just like CLOY didn't release a director's cut apparently due to issues with Netflix, the same might happen with TKEM. I'm still holding out hope, though.
  9. If anything, it would be fun to learn something new about Korean culture. I did wonder about that when I saw it in KGE's picture because one of the IG accounts that - according to fans - tagged the actors about wedding-related stuff for TKEM had those cloth-wrapped gifts in their post. To this day, I'm still wondering if there was initially supposed to be a wedding but they decided to omit it later.
  10. Same here. When I saw that video, I was like, "Why, sir, was it meaningful? Please elaborate."
  11. It's also kinda cute that when Kahi realized they're following a shipper account, they still looked for another TKEM account (dunno if it's an official one) even if the drama has been over for almost a month
  12. My guess? They really see what we're seeing and get soooo annoyed because it's not their ship (other actress/actor or themselves)
  13. According to Twitter peeps, the celebration with friends was in the Koreabul restaurant in Seoul, apparently, where she was spotted around June 28(?), so it was an early celebration. ETA: Which means more time for you-know-who
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