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  1. Hi, This episode was so sad Haru is such pitiful & sad character to me he is always looked down by kyung ... the writer is pushing too much Baek Kyung Dan Oh relationship? like see he like her now ..he was rud just because of his setup now he love her in stage & shadow ! Isn't the tipical main lead character we get from cliché drama? I know alot are droolling for Baek Kyung & i understand some get attracted to the bad guy Baek Kyung style (The actor is doing a gooooood job i love him) & all his sad back story but NO no NO writernim .....i am not buying it. HELL NO Well how can you support someone who is forcing himself ??? she told him several time that she like Haru ! I don't know why the director is doing this but Haru is so nice like realy realy realy nice (btw didn't find the smile scene+the mirror was so childish to me like agh!!!!!!) what's for? ???that he made him look weak & Baek Kyung look like he has the upper hand . i want him to stand for himself more . I think the episode was empty they could have do better to add some stories with Namjoo +juda ..Haru Dan Oh.......and other.
  2. Hi everyone , i will share some gifs from the bTS i liked how Dried Squid encourage him to put more effort into the kiss , it's a big NO for a dead fish kiss
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