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  1. You know although its examination period,I am checking the forum at least 5 times in a day to see if there is any release date but NO news
  2. I am getting very excited because I feel like it is coming really soon. I could not stop myself and watched TMOPB again because I almost memorized the book. But I cannot hold it anymore. I need drama right now. Soo finger crossed for 14th Jan
  3. Hi everyone, I was holding back from writing because I did not have an account and I know that I will not have such passion for another drama. But since good news started to come, I just could not stop mysely anymore. I checked the page everyday and read the book at least for 4-5 times even though I am very busy and finally here I am. I am really hopefull that this time we will have our drama finally. But I am very confused about how to watch it. I hope they can release episodes very fast with english subtitles.
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