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  1. just finished this drama last night after binge watching for three days and i am still feeling bittersweet about it. its been a long time since i've enjoyed a drama and i cried like twice today just thinking about how it ended lmao honestly i didn't expect much when i started watching it a few days ago, but after processing everything i realized how off-guard the series caught me. what started out as fluff and comedy in the beginning really shook my heart toward the end, and i think thats a solid, good thing despite how dragged on some parts of the plot felt. zhao lusi and li hong yi's chemistry is undeniable and so loveable even off cam/behind the scenes omg i am going to miss them so much :-( like they're literally perfect together!! i hope we can see them reunite for another drama sometime in the future!! zls is such a babie i love her what's interesting, and what i personally really appreciated from this drama was li hong yi's acting - how he was able to portray qiuyue's character, who is so dynamic, sly & complex and how he was able to show character development (qiuyue's change/sacrifice overtime) through his facial expressions. it seems static and unchanging in the beginning (in terms of body language/facial expression), but as the drama continued i began noticing little things in his expressions (especially in the last two episodes, i found myself repeatedly thinking about how good their acting was lmao). i didn't feel nearly as impressed in prodigy healer but he was brilliant in this one. maybe i'll give prodigy healer another try just so i can see them together again hehe lastly i really really really enjoyed seeing qiuyue and chun hua fall in love over time. i laughed with them and i cried with them :--( big sad
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