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  1. Another clip caught while SA was waiting for their turn. The proximity is way too comfortable, am I right? Shipping these two trained my eyes to be sharper like an eagle. Can't wait for the next episode. Can't wait for another fanmeet. The Pearl of the Orient Sea awaits.
  2. Today we celebrate HUGS. Below is a comparison made by my_spartace to Kookie's ADORABLE hug to Ji Hyo with one of the sweetest name tag ripping in RM's history. THANK YOU PD-NIM FOR NOT CUTTING THIS PART.
  3. @linzer03 Wow! Thank you for this detailed Tiger-Fox interaction! It's definitely something to watch out for in the future episodes.
  4. Before I sailed the Spartace cruise, I was just a RM fan waiting for every Tuesday (the eng subs were quite late back then) for another episode of betrayals, games and hilarity. I have enjoyed the MC and on my stand point as a non-SA shipper during those times, I have never imagined JH and KG being "together-together", if you know what I mean. They were just one of those cute lovelines needed to spice up a variety show. With this reasoning, I am confident that wouldn't be an issue for JK to pursue Gary's "on-screen partner". We have little, almost non-existent SA moment for this week's episode but that didn't diminish any SA screentime. It was loveable (sarangseurowo ♪♫♪) how JK pushed for Se Chan and Ji Hyo to play first (after JK's group was done) on the 'drop the tray' game ~ just because he wants to see them play and for JH unnie's fans to see her too. It was cute. The games and guests were hilarious too. Can't wait for next week, hopefully we will be blessed with ANY, ANY SA moment at all.
  5. To add on @Adora Dark's post. Here's a short clip. And as what Eunhyuk had said, "Do you not trust the camera man?!!" That got me laughing so hard! It's so true. We see you Oppa, we see you.
  6. Can't wait for the next RM episode! SA, watch out for us.
  7. JK has indeed been vocal with his desire for marriage but I can't call him greedy. CMIIW, JK has never initiated this lovelines but they were orchestrated by the PD team, guests and/or members. HOW he reacts though to each of them is how we can determine his level of affection for these women. That's where our SA is highlighted. JK wants to build a family with the right person at the right time. I just hope that it would be soon.
  8. @Bonardo "My dead ship was KJK & Lee Hyori" - me tooo. But because of that SA is possible. IMO, JH and JK have always considered their careers as their top goal but as they age, it should have change, right? We all know, their careers peak when they joined RM so there is that possibility that they'll always consider the fate of the show before deciding what to with their personal lives. I just hope they would mind their own selves now and so that we can rejoice and celebrate with them (whoever they'll end up with ~ hopefully with each other, eh?). Are there newer pictures of Mong Ji after her ParaJumper event?
  9. It's basically the same thought as you have pointed above but I'd like to add a very pessimistic number 4 since this popped into my mind. I'll put it in spoiler to those who doesn't want to read it. As what our forum-sunbaenims had said before, No News is Good News.
  10. He was staring at space though he asked along the lines, "You slapped him?" Their expressions are real curious and interesting. If I can read their minds at that moment. That number three point of yours though: and .
  11. I had fun on the latest episode. I enjoyed the banters of the members and how the games are played. The SA moment was almost nonexistent until we highlight the facial expressions of JH and JK when they shared their love stories in the bus. Why didn't they join in the excitement of the others when the other tells something about their 'significant other'? I'm trying to decipher the meaning of their blank expressions without being trapped with my delulu-imagination but I can't find any rational reason other than my exact delusional thoughts. How about you guys? Any insight on this?
  12. Ahh. It could be that way. Thanks. By the way, the forum has gotten a bit quieter lately. I just wished our forum-sunbaenim are just busy with life and work but are still SA shippers through and through. SA Fighting! Can't wait for what Tiny Oppa meant about his #love tweet for 2020. I just hope it's good news for us.
  13. Thank you for sharing this compilation. I am currently watching Big Picture (now on Season 2). This has been a very long time coming (waaaay toooo long) since I can't spare extra time. On timestamp 4:00 on the video, they were discussing how SJH visited Knowing Brothers and her reaction with the "dating rumors" with KJK. If you can't watch the vid, this is how it went: PD (same PD of BP and KB): She got really sensitive at the mention of him. KJK: Did you ask about me and her? PD: Yes. KJK: So what did she say? BP Staff: He's kind of interested. KJK: No, if she said nonsense, I'm not going to let her off the hook. PD: The reaction wasn't too bad. HAHA: Because...he kind of broke up badly here too. My question is what did HAHA mean by this? Is my English comprehension that bad OR Did this just got lost in translation? BP - Big Picture KB - Knowing Brothers
  14. My friend who is a SA Fanatica and Mong Ji biased ruled out a possibility of why our dearest SJH was a little too quiet than usual despite the obvious interest of the rest of the members on her welfare during this episode. The time she parted ways with her previous agency was officially announced on September 30, 2019 and according to Wiki, the filming date for this episode was on the same day as well. She may have come up with this decision beforehand but it could have saddened her since she was working with 'family' (her old manager can be considered one, right?). OrShe was sick on the Anyang episode and might still be recuperating from it. Or She just needs a bit of KJK-love and comfort that day. We just wish that we would see an active MongJi on the coming episodes. Can't wait! Shout out to my Mongji-friend who is still a silent lurker of this forum! Hi Gurl!
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