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  1. Hi! So after watching a few episodes of their drama and their BTS, I felt the need to make a shippers thread of them. They are so cute together and can't over their cuteness together. I hope you all feel the same! credit: https://www.kpopmap.com/kim-minjae-and-gong-seungyeon-are-volunteers-for-animal-shelter-picnic-event/ credit: ellekorea youtube channel
  2. I think a lot people are getting the wrong idea between Gaettongs feelings for Soo. Just cause she agreed to marry doesn't mean that she was in love with him. She was just comfortable and she didn't have anyone except him. After spending time with MaHoon...she started realizing what it was like to be in love. Even though Ma Hoon was mean to her, she appreciated the little things he did for her. Something others have never done. Also for Ma Hoon...he knew it was wrong to like Gaettong. thats why he held himself back so much. He understands that he can't have her but he knows it'll be hard to let her go. He knows his place and thats why he doesnt do anything out of line...like kiss her...or hug her. Anyways...I'm excited to find out next week if he tells her how he feels since he knows how she feels now. Also, sorry for the long post...I was getting tired of reading people blaming the two of them for their feelings.
  3. I noticed some of the scenes from the preview wasnt in episode 9. I wonder why? Like the scene of Mahoon and Gaettong at night between the cloths hiding and assassins coming at night. Unless those are gonna be in the next episode?!
  4. Hoon is really gonna give up Gaetong. Anyways, ep 8 was good. You get to see Gaetong slowly realizing that she has feelings for Hoon! I can't wait for next week!
  5. Hi! I'm new here! I am actually enjoying this drama...I love the relationship between all the characters and slowly learning each characters background. I do love the relationship between Hoon and Gaetong but I wish they had more screen time to develop their relationship. Like many have stated in here...I think her love for Soo is like a brother love. She lost her brother when she was young and then Soo came into her life. He acted like her big brother and it filled that void that she was missing. I also think she agreed to marry Soo because it was comfortable for her. You can see that she doesn't have the same feelings for him and he doesn't make her heart beat like Hoon did for her. Soo on the other hand felt different but i think again...his love for her is more of a love for a sister as well. He feels its his job to take care of her and protect her. I don't think he really knows what love is. I think he thinks that because they are so close and are like a family that that is love. Again...this is my opinion.
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