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  1. Call her a high class girl is an insult. Nowadays, reporter can be bought. They don't report the truth but report rumor. If rumor repeat over and over people will believe it's a truth. To understand a actor, must see his action not what media tell you how he is. For a long time carefully see SHK's action and saying, we can tell SHK is a honest and credible, talented, hard working, strong person. Many audience can see that so though Korean media always say bad words to her, SHK still belove by millions of Asia women. I love SHK in early years of her career, A care free, cheerful, talkative girl. She' s so happy then. I want to see that girl again. I don't want her to be a girl like a feminist in her film"I'm a queen".SHK, please don't care media. Your audience can understand how good you are
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