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  1. Okay sis . I respect you and apologize for causing the atmosphere in this moment to be unhappy. But I just want to protect ppc and I don't like pps with very bad behavior too
  2. I believe that it's not just me who has directly sent her messages. And was blocked by her. I ask you, do you know her? I am thinking that you applied new soompi to protect them.
  3. Yes, we are all here because the same reason is believing and love in ppc. But if there is pps with bad behavior. I think we should not let or support them in such behavior. We should warn them for them to improve on what they do badly. Because what they do affects ppc and pps too. ps. some accounts even we send messages directly to her BUT She still has bad behavior not change.
  4. I agree with you everything. You are clear and brave to post an PPS account name that show bad behavior To tell them stop doing that behavio. I think @larazsnow is the most disgusting and rude in IG because she never accepted her guilt and never corrected what was warned by someone.
  5. What do you say guy? The more I read, the more confused and confused what you were talking about? sorry guy
  6. If I didn't know before I may think that you are IG @parkpark_couple_luv. I really like this account IG.
  7. “kind” ...... I don't think can use this word with them. WRONG IS WRONG.!!!!!!and many accounts not owner DVD directly. PS. I know all account are here.
  8. Yes, I agree with you. I don't want them to share the scene in bed too. I saw a lot of DVD content on IG, Twitter, some accounts shared it publicly and posted tags #parkseojoon #patkminyoung #parkparkcouple. it looks like they don't care. Even they know that it is violates copyright. This is just a sample account that violates copyright.
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