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  1. HI EVERYONE!!! ARE WE ALL ALIVE AND WELL??? I'M NOT...these two really took a toll on me this week and the previews for the next episode isn't helping either hhahahha. I know their relationship has been developing excruciatingly slow but we're finally moving!!! We went from 0-100 so fast!! How to wait another 5 days for this scene This scene broke my heart!!! Their acting was amazing. I knew we we're gonna see KT witnessing MY's nightmare/ sleep paralysis at least once in the drama but I still wasn't prepared when they delivered. Seo Yeji is taking over fast and I'm so happy
  2. Look at tvn being so generous and giving us an entire video of our couple these two are so hands on with this drama it makes me appreciate the work even more!! They are giving this their all and putting in the effort towards every scene. +++ that nose bop was so cute I lost it
  3. home girl is currently killing it!! She’s won over sooooo many people since this drama started! She deserves all the love and support she has been getting. So happy for her
  4. YES!! BB IS ALL ALONE But also KT didn't share any details about what happened with Jaesu... Jaesu brought it up but he stayed silent. My favorite part of that scene was KT basically ignoring Jaesu but once MY was mentioned he's like "what" "when" "where" hahaha
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA is that MY back in her Addams family dress I want more scenes like this!!! They look so domesticated!! It feels like an AU , an entirely different drama hahaha
  6. YES!!! Let him know what he's missing!!! hahahaha When MY goes back to Seoul and he starts to miss her presence... its what we need Especially after ep 4...these two had such a long day after everything that happened and they didn't have anyone to lean on...
  7. I'm so excited for the rest of the episodes guys!!! Most of the scenes from the teasers have been released so its uncharted territory now!! We dont know what to expect anymoreeee
  8. So angry at TVN for giving us that useless rooftop behind the scenes.. they wasted over 1min30 secs when we could have gotten MY’s love confession or “do you want to sleep with me line”... give us the quality goods!!! Hahahaha
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new OST!! Sam's voice makes their scenes even more magical and beautiful! This show is really delivering in every aspect!
  10. i was thinking maybe MY hasn't properly faced her trauma (aka maybe her mother) which is why her spirit/ soul is still haunting her. she was telling KT how people should face it head on so maybe she has been avoiding it all this time??
  11. That scene transition was so powerful. It really put the emphasis on how lonely MY is. And then dream sequence was shot so beautifully... barely any lines were said but their eyes did all the acting for them. I love the chemistry we've been getting from MY+KT but they really are acing their solo scenes!! No one is carrying anyone in this drama. SooHyun and Yeji are matching each others intensity when they're together and when they're alone.
  12. I'm sure in the later episodes we'll get a real romantic and loving embrace from them hahaha. The director needs to take advantage of this couples chemistry MY is so pitiful...i felt her pain so much when she was alone in her room and said she was hungry then the scene transitioned to KT etc having a bbq dinner. I have a feeling we'll see more of her loneliness in tonights episode and this scene
  13. As MY would say, "WAAAAAAAAAAOW" Yesterday's episode definitely had a bit of everything didn't it?? I drooled with our couple, then I cried with them, then I laughed with them...and then I cried with them again hahaha. Who cares if this was a dream sequence...it was done so beautifully
  14. HAHAHAHAHA we'll be well fed after this weekend!!! our camera rolls and computer are gonna be full of their pictures and videos...all my saved pics are just of them now
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