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  1. “Says more about the viewers expectations?” Wow haha. The investedness in replies over a simple comment is amusing. All I was curious about was 1. What ep 36 & 37 was and 2. That I would’ve liked to have seen more. The fast forward was an example of progression so calm your farm. Did you produce it? Did your family? If so, I apologise. Differentiating opinions are not very welcome are they. Meow
  2. Nooooooo that’s what I was hoping for really. Well that’s disappointing lol.
  3. Hello guys! New member here also! Net searching after watching episode 35 made me go “huh, is this it?” I have been watching it on “dramavery” alllll the way from Australia (I am obsessed with Asian dramas and binge watch them before bed every night haha) but I can see on the episode list there is an episode 36 & 37 that are not viewable yet? So does this mean there are still two more episodes to go that just haven’t aired? thanks so much
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