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  1. Wow the power of korean beauty aesthetique treatment really help him look much younger . I can tell he did some procedure for his face, but is Ok and actually my concern for me last time to see him look tired and bulging fat under his eyes due to aging. As his fan I'm understand if he did it though , very common in Korea for men and women to do all these procedure. Like his handsome n younger Jang Hyuk
  2. Me too, hahaha I'm in drought states of JH. He spoilt my taste of drama actors. I finally can watch his movie dance of the dragon many thanks to christine @ janghyuk_forever for the link. The movie a bit weird though and very slow in pace (I'm keep yawning ) But JH look so handsome and I can see his fine muscle, it is amazing for my eyes. I think there is some problem of directing, because all the cast are very good and talented actor and actress but quite wasted in term of result. Just wondering why the movie became too stiff and boring for my taste. I tried watch Cdrama and Jdrama recently, but somehow drop it all I can not stand it because too unrealistic or too slow. . I think I have to go back to my basic re-watch JH drama again.
  3. I got puzzled when some friends I recommended them JH drama, they didn't like him. 1 friend This was happen to me also, I introduced JH to some of my close ladies friend but they simply doesn't like him. Honestly I knew him from watched FTLY but for the first time he was to noisy and dorky for me, but the movie itself can makes my emotional up and down like crazy. So my curiosity about Him make me searching to know him more and watch other drama. Then the hyuk witched me until now I really crush on him not just of his handsomeness but also his real character and his passion of acting. He is the actor with so many strength and capabilities to do many characters that makes me deeper crush on him Me too sometimes I'm a bit off if there some tries to compare him with younger actor or HB( but I don't like him for me look boring and stiff so so for acting) based on handsome and physical. I love the new hair style makes him look younger and fresh. But yes I'm also love his curly long hair. So For me he is awesome in both style.
  4. May I know why stuck on hyuk blog is no more updated? Actually so many video with subs last time but now is unavailable? who ever the admin, really thanks for her effort to make this blog, because there are a lot past information about our beloved jang hyuk, hope you can continue to make it updated and lively again. I'm happy to read and see this forum keep lively and active. Thanks for all of you
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