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  1. I just finished watching this drama. I too am part of the withdrawal symptoms sufferers The main couple had great chemistry together! Now I'm at a loss for what to watch next
  2. Oh yes I meant Jiu Chen, I typed the name wrong. I need to edit my post now
  3. I just watched the previews of episode 51 to 56. There are tons of good stuff in that preview! I can't wait to watch all these episodes next week I'll wait for the ending before I decide but this may be one of my all time favorite dramas. I loved Ten Miles of Peach Blossom so much and this production crew's new work did not disappoint.
  4. In the last episode, her sister asked Ling Xi why she didn't immediately go visit Jiu Cheng. Ling Xi's response was "I'm not such a cruel person and I know about all the sacrifices he made for me." When her sister further prompts her why she didn't go visit, Ling Xi's response was I don't know why myself. And then Ling Xi diverted the question and asked her sister what her future plans are. In my opinion, it's possible that Ling Xi may be too afraid to confront the powerful emotions when they reunite once again. So she wanted to delay the meeting as long as possible.
  5. Please let me know if episode 50 ended on an emotional roller coaster cliff hanger. If it does, I'll wait until next week before I watch it
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