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  1. Aaah whats with the new stills, it made my withdrawal even hardeer is there any possibility that there'll be special episode maybee??!
  2. Hi all, just decided to delurk from the forum and thinking out loud. It's unfortunate i lost my previous account too so it's back to 0 for me First of all thank you for all the insights and spoilers!! I love you all xx anyway, episode 15 has been very intense and heartbreaking for me.... i do believe none of the cast will die tho. My guess SJ and SR will just be in critical condition, i agree that maybe it might be flat tone for either one or maybe both of them but will be successfully resurrected. Still believing for happy ending!! Finger crossed!! btw can someone share me again the link for handcuff pic spoiler that everyone's been talking about?? Im dying to see any ray of light for tomorrow's happy endingg huhu
  3. Anyone have active stream link for tonights episode?? Seriously excited for tonight!!
  4. Yeah me too! Idk why but i ship them more! I actually feel sorry for BK, his past (and current situation) is truly no joke but i truly believed overcome all of that he's quite a nice guy. In the shadow he likes DO sincerely, i hope he'll be nicer overcoming his trauma and DO will get to notice that too. IMHO DO & HR together will be too cliche but yeaah i guess it's how it'll end, they're the real main couple.
  5. Aa idk why i cant read the text preview for ep 9!! can you please tell me?
  6. Hi all! Been lurking around and finally decided to post mynown thought about the drama. Been hooked up since the 1st ep. Love love love IU! I just finished watching the english sub and had this lingering feeling that the General isn't actually a bad person; he looks like he truly love MW. Flashbacks to all his facial expressions that being showed, and his saying 'you have to be alive to kill me' is just a saying for her to keep on living! Idk why but i think its his way to keep her safe. Maybe he knew the gov will captured her gang, and its the only way to safe her. By pretending. and looking at him when he entered the bride's room, he already bought his own sword! Looks like he knew MW will come at him. Maybe he'll kill himself? And the the coffin that MW bring all the way in the 1st ep is his coffin?! Aaaa cant wait for sat and sun to come!
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