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  1. I actually cries when CS just looking at the painting in the end.. How different the way his life after MW left and the I need to say the brilliant use of lighting.. I mean when he and MW having a cute fight in front of the painting the light is bright but in this particular scene in the end his life just dim and dark.. I have no doubt CS will move on with his life but i think he never let MW go even if she gone.. The promise he held on and CS refuse till the end to take the medicine because that world is MW world and he willing to see it rather loss everything connected to her.. His love toward MW is just so pure and selfless and for me MaGo will rewarded the selfless decision that he take with the endless connection between MW and CS no matter how many time they reborn.. They are true soulmate and lovers with a heartbreaking fate... Such a beautiful love story.. Sad but endearing to watch..
  2. I just love how HDL team look like a family rather than a worker with each other.. They seem so close and i glad they enjoying the vacation cause everybody look so refresh and energize when they got back to korea... Our manchan seem awkward on camera but off camera at the night market they stuck together looking at food.. lol I loved how YJG just knew that IU like food so much from marie claire interview and he seem always to take care of her.. I confidently can said they really close but as an IU fan she really a private person and more private with all her male friend.. Usually we can only see a small interaction on camera but all her male close friend always support her in term of concert and fanmeeting.. Example there is 0 interaction between IU and Lee Jongsuk but on his side he actually said IU is his closest female friend and support her by attending her concert.. People are shock knowing this cause they only used to MC together.. YJG also seem like a private person in term of relationship with his co star so my guess is we not going to see an interaction on sns or thing like that but they will keep in touch and support each other work.. This one is for sure.. Usually IU concert is the place where we can see all her friend and sunbaenim attend to show their support.. Last year almost all My Mister cast attend and SHR cast also there so i wish we can see HDL team this year...
  3. When CS said its not YW who loved MW the most my heart just break at that moment.. In the past MW said YW is the one that loves her the most and CS denies that him but here he confidently knew deep down his heart that his love can rival YW love.. CS love toward MW is one of the most selfless love that i witness.. Its never about him or both of them in his heart its always MW.. Whatever choice he made he always think about her no matter if the choice will make him suffer.. MW happiness is the one that he fight for from the beginning of this drama... CS is someone that we all can learn how to actually love someone.. Kdrama male lead should learn from him... cr@circulate9oo This poet is so beautiful... It can be CS poet to MW and also YJG poet to IU... Both of them is so talented and kind people.. I just love and adore them and hope the friendship that they make will last a lifetime...
  4. I finally watch the final ep with sub and its so gut wrenching to see all the staff in the hotel bid goodbye to MW one by one and its truly wholesome to see that their bond is a family not just a staff.. I cry in every departure that they shown and make me realise how deep i connect with all the character in this drama.. The contrast between ep1 with so much laugh and lightness ending with a sorrowful goodbye..... I satisfied that all the staff story wrap up beautifully. Our OTP... Their love is the most beautiful story of all the love story in kdrama that i watched.. Often the lead will do anything to be together but our otp way of loving is letting go to make sure one will find a peace.. CS will never let MW stay just because of him cause he watch how much suffering she endured all the year being tied to the tree and he want her to be free.. I just in awe about how they always knew that they must part way but never once stop loving each other.. The goodbye scene is the saddest goodbye scene in my opinion.. Is the final goodbye in this life and the acting between IU and YJG just break my heart more... For me their love will always remain in CS heart in the future and how he will lived the fullest on behalf of the moon in his heart.. For me this story will end in this lifetime cause in the next maybe they will meet and married but the love story between CS/MW in this life will never be repeated again.. And its the way i want to remember our manchan story.. Also i cry when CS said the secret world that no one knew about is where you are........... For him being able to see ghost is the way he remembering MW cause its her world and its something she give to him.. I think in the end he just want to see the world that MW lived even if she gone... The love that he have toward MW is breaking my heart.. IU and YJG pairing really blew me away with their chemistry.. Both of them help each other shine and the way they work with each other just warm my heart.. Both of them is a great person and have a kind heart so its easy to root for them.. I just hope they will able to work together in whatever project in future cause their chemistry is not something easy to make... May both of them will have a success career and happiness in life ...
  5. So if what CS see in the end is only hope of what they would have if they meet again its safe to say that the real ending is when CS send MW off.. I need a tissue to do this cause the hurt that they felt during this scene just broke my heart.. They suffer a lot but the deity give pity and make them feel a true love.. In the end all of the hotel staff got a closure and left in peace so for me its a great ending.. Whatever may happen in the next life we will never know but this life they both love each other so for me its enough.. If there is next life I hope KSB will reborn and became a great person again , CSH will reborn and have babies again , KHJ will reborn and meet Yuna again and lastly i hope CS will find MW again.. They all deserve that after what they gone through..
  6. Well i guess its something realistic the way hong sister end this drama.. No matter how much manchan love each other they can't fight the fate and even Mago can't do anything cause MW already dead when she being tied to the tree... All the frustration aside i like how it being played.. CS saved MW in the past and he also the one that send her off.. Its sad but in real life sometime we can't get what we want and thats really show in their writing in this drama.. Whether CS imagination or even afterlife i think he always will love and remember the moon that used to shine in his heart.. I don't think CS will move on cause his story with MW is one of a lifetime love.. I love how he loves her so much that he let her go but in the end he being left alone with all the memories but he rather have that than nothing at all.. Also i don't think CS eat the medicine cause he still can see ghost that Mago give flower so i guess up until the end he want to keep the gift that MW give... So what we see at the end is what CS and MW hope when they being reborn?? Damn thats really hurt my heart.. Its their only wish to see each other again. Manchan love really bring tears to me even if its fictional.. I among the one that feel frustered because we did't get a kiss scene but looking back their love is so much more.. I think hong sister can write a lot of kissing scene but they won't cause its not just how manchan express their love.. I think i get that when watching their farewell.. But their love story really is beautiful in so many way.. Thank you hong sister for write this story and let us know manchan..
  7. I pretty sure the ending that we seen is afterlife? I mean all the staff is there and there is no indication that they all been reborn.. Also when CS look at the paintaing Mago been giving flower right?? So maybe he actually dies and got to see them again but this theory have a lil bit of problem.. They not supposed to remember when they go to afterlife but both CS and MW have a strong connection for about 1000 year and a flower in his heart.. Its a bittersweet ending tbh.. No matter its a dream or afterlife they both taste a true love even in a short time.. CS and MW truly made for each other since the beginning and if they reborn i think they will find each other again..
  8. How selflesss is CS love toward MW? He knew that going back to present to wait for MW mean he might not even going to see her again but he promise to her that he will wait so he just content with seeing past MW but go back to a woman that he really love even if the same person.. The idea of taking the medicine never cross his heart even if MW not coming back cause its her last present for him on his birthday.. I just love how he put back and close the medicine proof he will never take that no matter what. The consistent sacrifice of CS make to ensure MW will go in peace.. There is a price for letting MW go but he just want a woman he really love to be free from suffering.. He does't want her to be with other meaningless manager and living like that.. Even if he will left alone he want her to be in peace more... Yes i cry during confession time cause they both knew they will be separate by death soon but the smile they have for each other is the proof that they will live for each other no matter how short their time is.. Also when in SC restaurant my heart just break for CS.. The smile that he have and the confession that they all his family.. And now he might have to send all his family away and being left alone again......... Their story is beautiful yet so heartbreaking..
  9. I think about the romance part is the writing at fault cause i get why we don't have that many romantic scene cause both of them is not a puppy love stage.. All their romantic scene result from a heavy feeling and essential toward the story.. All the hug and hand holding meant something and not just for the romance part.. Its just we all need a little bit more Also for IU i think this is the most comfortable pairing that i seen she have.. And i think YJG have the most fun on set with IU so for me if there is need to do a intimate scene both of them can do that without any problem cause they are professional.. The only thing i notice is that for any other scene they goofing around but for a kiss or hug both of them look so shy and awkward after that.. Its cute though lol... Just look at how red YJG face... cr @iudel0819 How many time he have to lift IU and its not even the one IU posted in insta.. But both of them seem so happy and just make me go soft...
  10. Ikr... I mean whats the point for that time travel... I really hope its not something to reset MW past or anything like that cause its like all the past episode is meaningless.. Also MW in blue hanbok is when she starting the hotel right so its not when all the CM/MW time.. Or maybe CS want to solve all the staff problem first before he quit and he want to know what happen to our KSB and he will have to go back but he will meet past MW by doing that.. This one i can accept but please no noble idiot sacrifice.......... This drama is so unpredictable to the end.. Its messing with my heart.. lol
  11. So based on IU insta update i pretty sure CS will go to the past cause she in hanbok again.. But MAYBE the rule of this time travel is that CS might not allowed to change anything about the past but rather to observe her history and HDL history.. I don't know what hong sister planned out but i hope they can safely wrap this drama without doing anything that will make me hate the ending.. I mean they already did a fantastic 14 ep so why not ending it with an epic... Can't wait for ep 15!!! Also our CM story already wrap out right?? Because in making off he bid his goodbye but said ep15&16 will be more interesting?? What do u guys think?? Is there anything else tied MW with him in the past??
  12. Wait a minute... That medicine only to close CS eyes toward ghost right?? So he will not forget MW but he just can't see ghost and hotel del luna.. So MW want to clean up CS life and let him start new IF she does't come back.. I think MW knew he will stay at hotel waiting for her even if she maybe does't come back thats why she want him to take that medicine.. About Mago... I don't know what else game they want to play but i guess CS wilingly take that test as long as he can see her one last time but so far CS never failed yet in term of making decision so i trust him... i just read maybe CS will travel in the past to see HDL inn so he might see MW in the past too.. I just hope for the best and usually preview is misleading so we will never knew.. Manchan for the end game!!
  13. Such a beautiful poet that YJG wrote.. He so immersed in CS character that i felt he can put down word by word on how CS felt right now.. The most memorable line is when he said its not like walking around in short space of time, the word you is engraved deep in my heart . really hit my heart I think this line represent perfectly how CS and MW relationship. Even if their time is short but the love that CS felt toward MW is the purest of all.. He wilingly take the burden loving MW even if he knew he will have to let MW go and left him alone.. CS can even give his life to MW if she wanted as long as she will be safe.. A selfless and unconditional love that CS have toward MW is the one that MW choose at the end to go back too even if their time is short.. Both of them keep choosing each other even if they will suffer at the end.. Such a beautiful and heartbreaking love yet so endearing.. This tweet describe perfectly how CS is the ONE for MW... cr @taeseyebrows
  14. Thank you GCS , i love you.... Cr @circulate9oo Text preview for ep 15.. Yep this episode will break our heart too.. I hope MW does't loss all her memory but held on to CS memory like she promised.. But what choice that CS will make to bring MW back??????
  15. I think because YJG is much senior in term of work and to be honest both YJG and IU have the same shy and reserve feeling but we can see the effort YJG made to make sure IU feel comfortable enough.. Compare to the beginning they actually more close... LOL LDH is like her dongseang where she can make fun and joke with same like LTS.. I think she think highly about YJG cause its exactly how she act around her senior co star.. really thankful toward YJG to guide and actually let her feel comfortable in the set.. This set is the most happy set in IU recent drama and all the co star is close so i just glad she able to act with all of them..
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