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  1. Hi all. This is my first time commenting in this forum in a long time. I just have to delurk after the latest episode. Hotel Del Luna is the only drama I'm watching nowadays. For me, I am more interested to know about what's going to happen to MW in the future. When Mago talked about MW's time flowing again, what does that mean? When the reaper said that MW will be the last guest CS send away, when will that be and how? Will CS be the poison or the cure. These are the questions I look forward to get the answers to. For these reasons, the flashbacks have become my least favourite scenes of the drama. In my opinion, the story of MW and the captain is quite cliche. So far, I've been able to guess most of what already happened. I feel like the whole story is either the captain is really in cahoot with the princess to get rid of MW and her gang which is highly unlikely or he had to do what he did to save MW and if this is the case, reeks of noble idiocy which is my least favourite trait in a character, male or female. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. I'm going back to lurking and reading the insightful comments in this thread.
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