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  1. Hi everyone! Loving the drama so far. Zhang Zi Yi is doing a fabulous job. The screen absolutely loves her! I wasn’t sure about the male lead, but he has definitely grown on me. What was surprising was how fast they both reconciled and fell in love. It took two, maybe three episodes? I love their playfulness and comfort with each other after that. But somehow, to me, the speed between her being rescued and their falling in love/consummation seems too fast and not quite convincing in terms of timeline. Apart from that one “glitch”, there’s such great chemistry between our lea
  2. Pretty good subtitles. I’m currently watching Ep 2. I was told the subs were provided by the TV channel that was broadcasting the show; not the Google garbage you get on YouTube. Upload has been fast. 3 episodes posted today. Better watch fast before they’re taken down....
  3. I think that’s just an edict announcing the death of the CP and his posthumous title. It doesn’t mean he died. The Emperor could still let him (secretly) leave to live in exile elsewhere.
  4. @bluehibiscus, somehow after re-watching episode 12, I feel as though they left an “out” for CP and WX in that he could have survived his suicide as his tears were still streaming when the Emperor glanced into the room, and WX was never seen after her scene at the swing. They then ended the scene with both of them at the pavilion. (Just maybe they both got exiled after the birth of A’Chen?) Also, it sounds like A’Chen is the Crown Prince as 6th Prince was helping him plant a tree at the Crown Prince Forest.
  5. So now I’m stumped. Did they film these 12 episodes separately? Otherwise how did a second writer assume the script writing? I thought these were just “cuts” that were done by the censors.
  6. Do you think 2nd season is lighter due to a different writer? Those 12 episodes were a breeze!
  7. @bluehibiscus, oh my goodness. What a difference your translations made to episode 3! I was wondering why CP was ignoring WenXi, and what was the meaning of the prescription he sent her. What a beautiful script.
  8. @bluehibiscus I was bad. I finished all 12 episodes at one sitting. Surprisingly I found the Special episodes lighter than the previous episodes, more from finally understanding what happened behind the scenes. Eg. the unveiling of 5th Prince as a cold hearted killer, and that Xu was an ally. I had expected the Special episodes to be emotionally wrenching but they weren’t. Not that the scenes weren’t tragic or sad, but for me, the viewer, I found closure and understood what drove their decisions. The Emperor remains ruthless. I don’t think he had any real regret in losin
  9. I’m on Episode 3. Loving it so far. But my poor grasp of Mandarin and the terrible subtitles on YT is making me miss so much of the hidden meaning and nuances of this beautiful drama.
  10. @bluehibiscus, thanks for tagging me....Much appreciated! I’m finally getting ready to watch the last 12 episodes. I marathoned the first 60 episodes over the weekend. Still struck by the beauty of the series, and what could have been if the drama wasn’t so badly censored.
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