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  1. @Maci_Mettle @Cammy Oh my goodness! I'm the same! It's like you took the words out of my mouth. I never even thought about signing up to soompi, let alone commenting here... But there's something about Love and Destiny that just inspired me to speak up and make a declaration of admiration for this series. Sounds so childish! I'm from Australia
  2. Hi all!! Thanks @Vals Stor for initiating this. My observations/questions from episode 1: 1. the last thing JC sees before he takes his last breath is a baby. And the first thing he sees is a beautiful woman (the baby all grown up). I'm amazed that he didn't stop her from leaving his presence when she woke him up at Chang Sheng Hai. Wasn't he curious? 2. Why did JC lie for LX when TianJun asked him if he saw her at Chang Sheng Hai? Did he do it with the hopes of saving her and then getting her to work for him in FuYinDian to keep her close?? 3. I love it how LeBuo's explanation as to why the beast was so comfortable with LX was because the beast is a male and has a crush on his beautiful daughter. He is so comical.
  3. @Shimshimae thanks so much for sharing that video... That's awesome editing work. Love it!
  4. This is totally random... but what do you think of this idea: I love the chemistry between Chang Chen and Nini. It's so natural and believable. I'm just thinking out loud (it's probably a very silly idea), but if they collaborated again, it would be great to see them do a tv series/movie that is based in the modern times. I thought of two movies that may fit the bill of their chemistry: 1. Based loosely on the hollywood movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days" Where the male lead vigorously pursues the female lead under false pretenses so to advance his career. And the female lead vigorously rebuffs him in order to advance her career... only for them both to fall madly in love with each other in the process. 2. "Mr & Mrs Smith" Two hotshot assassins fall in love with each other (without knowing the other's true identity), only to marry and discover the truth a few years down the track.
  5. My computer skills (and time) are so limited... So can I request for someone please to just cut out all the JC and LX scenes and put them together in movie form? I'm sure this will get heaps of clicks on YouTube. I'll just watch it on reruns.
  6. I would have loved a longer and more detailed reunion with a conversation at least to reveal how JC managed to come out of the demon realm... But I love the ending they gave us. Nini's acting is so on point. Her facial expressions said it all. No need for words. Her surprise, relief, joy and just a sense of completeness is all there in her face. She deserves an award or at least some recognition for this... It's another level! I think the reunion of the family walking home together with a pet baize in tow is such a beautiful image. And there really isn't much else to add to this reunion... As they say in fairy tales... "And they lived happily ever after." Leave the rest to our imagination.
  7. Let me confess that my chinese is quite limited, so my understanding isn't very good... but isn't LX supposed to undergo trials in her earthly life? For example when she was abducted by the bandits, these are some trials that LX is supposed to endure and experience. So when JC came to her rescue, wasn't he changing her life path?
  8. I love watching the increasing intensity JC shows to LX. It's so poetic. When they first meet, he is stone cold (literally as he was an ice man) and her first touch gives him warmth and awakens him. And his intense and serious gaze continues as he refuses to even look at her twice. Then, we see him talk to her more, facial expressions loosen as he smiles, and then his looks of her just softens until he is all out intensely protective And caring... Constantly breaking character at her innocent requests eg. Accepting disciples, pretending to be weak and sick so that LX would let him into the house and nurse him, cooking without magic, being thick skinned by forcibly putting her arms around him under the ruse of measuring his size so she could make him clothes, and even changing her destiny so she doesn't have to suffer. The list goes on... I love it how LX is so gentle and soft in nature and in contrast JC who is such a powerful deity has become like jelly in her hands.
  9. I watch the raws from this website. The latest is up to episode 40. https://www.chinaq.me/cn190715/40.html
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