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  1. i hope that the viewership rating for Busted 2 will be so good that there will be more upcoming seasons! If not, I look forward to seeing PMY in more variety shows because I have enjoyed very much all her public appearances where she is herself, i.e., interviews, vlogs, press conferences, variety shows etc. She always gives good insightful answers, make witty remarks, is humourous and have many cute expressions etc. Always a delight to watch!
  2. definitely not! only boyfriend or husbands allowed. lol.. also not forgetting the scene where PSJ wear PMY's shoes and point his feet at her face (I thought its also something you will not do to friends). PMY's reaction in that clip is also the same as PSJ's in this situation. she also accepted it naturally.
  3. tvn knows that ppc is very much missed and wwwsk is still very popular even after a year (since its released in jun 19 right?) so they release this to satisfy fans. they probably get the hint based on the no. of views for ep13 bed scene. hello and welcome @Kimmiso_Minyoung!!!
  4. based on this number, from the day this thread has started till now, the average views per day is 4441.
  5. because ppc besides means parkparkcouple also means plenty parallel coincidences. too many to count. lol
  6. I don't think its a reach. By sending cryptic msgs on SNS seems to be their way of going public for me. Actually the msgs seems to be more obvious now to me. In my delulu mind, I think I'll wait for the wedding announcement instead. P.S: Happy past a thousand pages to all!!! Even though I joined late enjoyed reading all your posts since page 1. Thank you for all your contributions to "enlighten" new ppc shippers like me!
  7. i loved all their flashback scenes too. Yes, the cake scene is cute n i also liked the one where he gave her the Chinese book as a present for mastering Japanese. Her expression was funny there. lol... @twoparkcouple, may i know was there more bts on those flashback scenes? like when they first met at the dinner gathering or other flashback scenes? thanks!!!
  8. is it ok to share what they say about it? its 1 if the scenes i like coz they look so natural in it. i dont know why but i always smile when I watch it. thank you...
  9. @twoparkcouplethank u for the insights and analysis! then does pmy call psj, VC lee, if he calls her miso? haha i too get the feeling that psj seems to treat pmy as younger. maybe its a birth order thing. he's the eldest and she is the youngest (?), assuming she doesnt hv a younger bro. eldest child and youngest child pairings always work well since 1 will incline to look after the other and the other is used to be looked after. haha
  10. cannot thank you enough @twoparklove!!!! thank you x infinity!!!! lol...i cant stop smiling whenever i read ur posts!!!!
  11. my thoughts r simple. i feel if ppc r not ready to come out in public, with the release of the dvd/bluray, shippers would already sense from their bts interaction that there's something more than meets the eye. (coz shippers r always extra sensitive to whatever we see) lol. but if they never remove the 77mins bts, even non-shippers can tell that they are something n they dont want that for now. wow maybe i m really deluded. but dont u all feel that when its closer to the dvd/bluray release, ppc seems to drop more hints? same say ig updates, repeat of wwwsk line, chocomint, bkk trip w gd friend of both. again, maybe its my imagination... lol
  12. lol its funny but also scary if the shipping wars start again in her comments section. its much better now when most people comment on what she post instead of linking with her co-stars. whether if she's with psj or not, its better for them to have their own individual space in their togetherness. just my thoughts.
  13. lol even though i dont understand a single thing psj is saying but i m smiling like an idiot when watching. the poison is deep. i do wish someday pmy n psj will do some variety show together. both r so entertaining to watch alone n together!!!
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