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  1. Dramabeans will recap Rookie!!! I’m very happy to see more people talking about this drama!!! Ikr!!!! The maid is the biggest shipper for HR and LR. Did LR actually write the poem by himself? He is so falling in love.
  2. I notice that the problem is not about cew’s acting, but about Lee rim’s character. This kind of super childish and immature character as ML in historic dramas is very rare and some Knetz are not used to it or can’t accept it. They are used to strong, brave and dominated characters as ML. CEW portrayed Lee Rim at this stage like a super cute baby, lol !!!! I’m not complaining, but I’m enjoying it. In Korean society, people still prefer men being mature and powerful. The thing is that the character of Lee Rim actually will grow for sure. You can tell it in the next week episodes. Lee Rim and Haeryung will grow together and their chemistry and relationship will get stronger, which I really adore. So, I will not worry about the ratings since Lee Rim will become more and more mature and charming. As long as people give this drama time and patience, they will enjoy it.
  3. The end of the episode 10 (5 on Netflix) teared me up..... Lee rim’s tears revealed his pain in this palace. He and Haeryung got closer at a new level. This drama made me laugh and cry at the same time. I’m so into it!!!! Keep it up!!!
  4. @SuperTank I think the drama has (40)20 episodes, which is what my Netflix shows and MBC claimed it before if I remembered correctly. I agree with you that people judged this drama too early. I really enjoy it. Why did people criticize Cha Eunwoo so much? I thought Lee Rim’s character was supposed to behave this way: very innocent and clueless, just like a white paper and waiting for Hae-Hyung to paint on.
  5. This drama is definitely not a traditional saeguk, but a romance story set up with that era as the background. It’s light-hearted and has modern elements in it. I do enjoy it so far. It’s been a while to see a light-hearted romance saeguk on TV. ———some spoiler might be below—— The herorine, Roo Hae-Hyung, is well scripted and easier to understand. I like her character, a brave, intelligent and free-sprited woman, who will chanllenge the authority and pursue her dream. I’m trying to understand Lee Rim’s character... He’s been abandoned since born in an isolated place of the palace without love from his father ( disapproved and hated by his father). But he didn’t become a pathetic or spiteful person. Instead, he is innocent and clueless. This might be because he does not know the world outside or the dark side of the palace, and he fortunately has a protective brother and a loyal servant. But he is eager for love and appreciation. He’s trying to seek his own value. Writing becomes a way for him to escape the reality and satisfy his ego. So, he should have two types of life with two different roles. I expected to see his two completely different faces. But somehow, i’m not sure it’s the directing or the scripting, the difference of two roles is not very clear. I mean they uncovered his novelist identity too soon before showing the contrast of the two roles. The two-identity plot is wasted in this way. Losing ability to write should become a reason for Lee Rim to stand up for himself, but it seems he doesn’t know he could have this option, or the reason is not important enough. When he begins to discover the palace secret and meets Hae-Hyung in the palace, he will change. I’m really looking forward to this direction. Cha Eunwoo portrayed a very cute, innocent and clueless prince, which put smile on my face during watching the drama. I’m expecting his character will show the deeper side as the story develops. I hope the directing and scripting could show more the struggling Lee Rim is facing. He can’t just goof around. I do enjoy the comedy, but his story line should focus more on the inner side of this character because Lee Rim should be a complicated character. ( somehow, I feel because it’s Cha Eunwoo, the script put too much effort on his cuteness, but it could break the balance of the drama tempo. I don’t think it’s Cha eunwoo’s fault. I feel his acting actually is improved.)
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