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  1. Additional Music Concert with GFriend여자친구, Kim Jae Hwan from Wanna One 김재환, and Teen Top on July 23, 2019


    So Boryeong Mud Festival is going crazy this year with a new line up and damn...




    1. boryeongmudfestival


      This is the official post

  2. Possible lineup for MBC's Show! MusicCore on July 27, 2019 (NCT Dream comeback expected) 

    Boryeong Mud Festival 2019 is hosting a KPOP Super Concert.

    Apparently they may be inviting NCT Dream, Chungha, Lovelyz, SF9, CIX, The Boyz, TigerJK, and More!



    1. boryeongmudfestival


      Check out the Facebook for the lineups and news!

    2. TommyWhess


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  3. NCT Dream's comeback may be proved so because they are coming to our mud festival on july 27th!!
  4. Hi there! I am reaching out to you guys to share regarding NCT Dream's attendance in our Boryeong Mud Festival K-POP event. Our Festival is Korea's no.1 summer mud Festival where people from all over the world are joining from 19th to 28th July (10days). On 27th July, there will be a K-POP super concert hosted by MBC's show! Music Core. NCT Dream will be joining the festival on this day and we hope to reach out to all the fans regarding this. We would be posting more news and events about on our facebook page so keep updated here : https://www.facebook.com/boryeongmudfestnew/ the post below is the lineup for the K-POP concert that NCT Dream will be involved in: https://www.facebook.com/boryeongmudfestnew/posts/2261115033958391
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