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  1. The original novel was one of the most suffocating books I've ever read, on par with Ursula K. Le Guin's Tehanu in its atmosphere of oppression and powerlessness (actually there are somewhat similar in themes, both partially about a member of the powerful losing their power and having to resign to a life of powerlessness). The TV adaptation expanded on the original novel, but kept most of its plotline, so yes expect a lot of sadness in future episodes.
  2. Most shows, historical or otherwise, will present their main characters with the greatest sympathy, because people tend to drop shows once they decide they cannot root for the main characters. The negative traits are thus often glossed over. Each of us has to decide how much glossing over we'll take, or else all we can watch would be shows about Renzong of Song. I'm pretty lax here and draw my line on genocide (so I won't watch shows that gloss over genocides), which means Yongle is fine for me but I will not watch Qianlong.
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