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  1. I had looked forward with a great deal of excitement to the premier of the Netflix "Carter". However, I did not find it to be as good as I had hoped and not Joo Won's fault. The action scenes were well choreographed, and he did not seem to miss a beat while doing them. The single shot filming style, while dizzying at time, was also well done.  Where it fell short for me was the storyline which almost seemed to have had mulitple changes in writers, with each not knowing where the story was first intended to go. Also, the decision by whoever, to overdub the actor's voices rather than using subtitles was a poor decision. With all that said, he looked absolutely fit so his sessions at the gym really paid off. I look forward to his next project and hope that it is one that gives a better showing of his skills.  

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  2. 6 hours ago, kireeti2 said:

    That seems to be a thing with KDramas. I watched one where the actors current age was at least in their early 60's and yet with a flashback to their youth, all that was done was to give them a hairstyle from that decade. It looked hilarious.

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  3. 14 hours ago, kittyna said:

    If anyone thinks it's inappropriate for me to post my usual stuff on this forum today because of all the more important things happening in the wider world, please forgive me. But I still want to share something anyway, for those whose mental and emotional states have been strained and who want or need some more lighthearted fare.


    In short: the 10th anniversary of JW's drama debut is coming soon, and already, the fan tributes have started to crop up online.




    However, I am honestly wondering: is it just me, or has #BlackoutTuesday been practically non-existent in Korea and the Hallyu fandom? Like, I've seen posts for it everywhere in all the other broad circles/topics I follow on Instagram (e.g. pages for cultural institutions, historical costume/period drama fans, Disney, classical musicians, etc.), coming from users based in North America (obviously), Europe and Australia. But not on anything related to Hallyu: not from artists, not from fan accounts, etc. Like, my usual look at the #joowon tag on Instagram looks...entirely ordinary? Why is that? Does anyone know?


    Also, I did get a good deal of writing done for the next Seolleim in Salzburg fic these past few days. It's not stuff that I can actually post an official preview because of spoilers, but just for the record: I did finally get to the proposal :wub: No surprise on the outcome (since, you know, Nae Il is Nae Il and she would've said "Yes" from Day One), but you'll have to wait for the finished fic to discover how exactly Cha Yoo Jin does it in my own imaginary universe. ;) 

    I did not know about the #BlackoutTuesday event until the day was almost over and I live in a town that had protest and riots.

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  4. On 5/30/2020 at 8:48 AM, kireeti2 said:

    Was Dalgona famous before lock down or quarantine ? Because I got to know about it during the pandemic:o

    Interesting take. But I never saw Si-on as guy who indulges in beverages, since he has no affect of alcohol on him, I hardly think he will be drawn towards caffeine, since caffeine is also a type of addictive beverage like alcohol. I do agree he might give a it a try, if Cha yoon seon ask him to try ;)

    Several months ago there was a video by Jung Il Woo and he made the beverage based on a drink he had on his hiking trip in Turkey. The video went viral and a lot of American celebrities started posting it with challenge to others to make it.

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  5. On 3/11/2020 at 5:26 PM, kittyna said:

    So, here's some heartwarming (albeit slightly morbid) news that's been circulating on Instagram lately:




    I'm sure the "heartwarming" part is something you guys will get. But why "slightly morbid"? Because the fact that JW and other celebrities are donating money to relief efforts also means that this COVID-19 outbreak is still going strong in Korea. :mask: And, well, because whenever I see stories like this about celebrities, my fangirl/see-the-faith-in-humanity side goes all soft and melty, but at the same time, my more cynical side likes to interrupt with, "And they get a lot of publicity for this - so is it actually altruistic?"


    Of course, JW being JW...I do believe his heart is in the right place, no matter how his actions can be interpreted or how he (most likely inadvertently) might end up benefiting as a result. :heart:


    That said, maybe just a little bit of dark gallows humour is in order? I mean, I understand if it's too much too soon for any of you - and I want to take a quick moment to give a shout-out and best wishes to @valinor500, who, to the best of my knowledge, is based in Italy, so...FIGHTING! - but here's the thing. Remember how I posted not too long ago about feeling really weird about writing my Seolleim in Salzburg series set in 2017 knowing that this outbreak would happen a few years later in 2020? Well, it turns out that, for me at least, the best therapy is to actually follow through on those questions to their natural conclusion: for those of JW's characters who could, possibly, be living through this COVID-19 outbreak after the events of their respective dramas, what would it be like?


    Now, I don't want to do a full-blown fic - that really would be "too much too soon", especially for something that's still developing and can change at any moment in time. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could do one of those quick character rating/ranking lists, put some of the darker imaginary ghosts to rest (in other words: if I don't have a lighter semi-"official" version set down, my imagination goes nuts and that seldom ends well), and then move on to writing/imagining happier things in the future :) 


    Obviously, there are some characters that I simply cannot include in this for  the obvious reason that they would, unfortunately, have most likely already passed on by 2020. So no Gyun Woo or Lee Kang To this time, sorry. :( And I drew blanks on Gu Ma Jun and Han Gil Ro, so they're not here either. But that being said, here's what I have for the remaining four characters I did think this through for.


    Note: I'm putting this in "Hidden Content" in case you don't want to look - but rest assured that none of these will feature the actual characters or their loved ones getting sick. I'm not that cruel. Rather, this is more about their general lifestyle/way of thinking/etc. in a situation like this outbreak. Would anything change, or would it be life as usual? That sort of thing.


      Reveal hidden contents

    1. Hwang Tae Hui


    Personally, I don't think he would be all that fazed by what's going on. As a police officer - and, hence, as a public employee - I think that life would simply go on for him: criminal cases don't stop for anything, and so there's always going to be work that needs to be done. As a husband and - potentially - a father (actually, make that most likely: because he'd be close to 40 years old(!) by 2020, if you do the math), I do think he would be concerned about his family as a general whole: Baek Ja Eun, his kids (if he has any), his parents, brothers, their families, etc. And I think that, if she's still around, Tae Hui would be particularly concerned about his grandmother's well-being. 


    But that being said, I also think Tae Hui is one of the most likely out of the four characters I'm featuring today to just stay level-headed throughout. Beyond being careful with his own health, and possibly staying over at the precinct if he does get worried about bringing any germs home, I really don't foresee any real disruption to his regular life or routine, to be honest. That might sound strange given that we know from the drama that Tae Hui suffered from poor health as a child, including being hospitalized for pneumonia once, but that's because (unlike some others further down this list), I think he's fully confident in his strength and stamina now as an adult. Like, have you seen this guy run??? Enough said. :glasses:


    2. Park Si On


    This may surprise you, but I also think that he'd be okay. More or less. Yes, being a doctor would put him directly on the front lines, and there's always a ton of risk there (same with Kim Tae Hyun, who I'll get to in a bit). However, it's precisely because he's a doctor that I think Park Si On will get through this outbreak...well, not entirely unscathed, but at least without freaking out to the extent that some people might imagine.


    See, while it's true that Park Si On doesn't do well in any sort of high-stress environment - and a disease outbreak in Korea would definitely count as one - a medical emergency, more so than anything else, is the sort of emergency that he could get through just by switching to autopilot. With his vast medical knowledge, which most likely includes at least some virology or immunology, he'd have the clearest sense out of these four characters just what exactly is going on: new developments in the research, how coronaviruses in general work/spread/mutate/etc., what methods for countering them work better than others...basically, he's on it, 100%. Park Si On's the one who'd have all the proper protective techniques (e.g. washing hands, when/how to use masks, etc.) down to a set routine - and not only that, I think he'd be the one who'd be able to put it into kid-friendly language so that his patients could follow suit. 


    As for whether this outbreak scares him...most likely, yes. Park Si On, we know, cannot bear to see anyone sick or suffering - that's what made him choose to become a doctor in the first place. So the thought of so many people getting sick would scare him; let's not kid ourselves on that. But I think this is where his kind and good-hearted nature would still win out, helping him to fully commit to caring for his patients despite his fears.


    3. Kim Tae Hyun


    And now, the "other doctor" :P Similar to Park Si On, I do think Kim Tae Hyun would keep a level head, for the most part. He's also the sort of doctor who would prioritize his patients over his own safety, as well as having the knowledge on how best to prevent transmission.


    However, unlike Park Si On, I can see Tae Hyun freaking out. Just a little. And here's why: for Tae Hyun, the stakes are so much higher. Whereas Si On works in pediatrics (and, thus far, COVID-19 seems to predominantly affect adults), Tae Hyun is now a general practitioner, who works with patients of all ages and from all walks of life. Anything can happen, literally - nor would he be the type of doctor to shy away from that (Yong Pal, anybody?). BUT! He has not one, but two, immuno-compromised people in his family: Kim So Hyun and Han Yeo Jin. Both of them are organ transplant recipients, meaning that they have to take immunosuppressants to survive (or else, their bodies will reject the transplants - and this is a risk that persists for life); but that also means that they absolutely cannot get sick, with pretty much anything. A cold or flu might not be too bad, but something like COVID-19...both So Hyun and Yeo Jin fit the profile for the sort of patient who could develop complications, become hospitalized, die(!), etc. 


    So for Tae Hyun, this is no joke, nor should it be. He knows he has to be completely careful: a small slip that wouldn't carry consequences for Hwang Tae Hui or Park Si On, for instance, could be disastrous here. But he's a doctor, and he's still got his patients, and - like Si On - he can't bear to just leave them behind...so what could he do? My guess is that he would isolate himself: maybe stay in the apartment above the First Floor Clinic while sending So Hyun back to the big mansion with Yeo Jin, or - if he's in Seoul, staying by himself in the guesthouse while everyone else is in the main house...you get the idea. He would also, I imagine, demand that Yeo Jin do as much of her work from home as possible, rather than risk herself by going to the office every day.


    4. Cha Yoo Jin + Seol Nae Il (because, try as I might, I simply can't separate these two)


    Again, this might surprise you, but if anyone's going to be seriously affected, I think it will be these two. There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, unlike all the other characters I've written about so far, these two are in Austria: while the situation there is significantly more mild than it is in Korea in regards to number of cases, fatalities, etc., that means that Yoo Jin and Nae Il will have to deal with the implications of COVID-19 being seen, at least in the earlier stages, as an "Asian" disease. That means that, like it or not, they will have to take the possibility of racism into account in a way that the others won't.


    Given their personalities, I can see this playing out in a number of different ways: 1) speaking almost entirely in German while out in public (Yoo Jin especially) to try to make it clear that they've been living in Austria for years rather than being travellers from Korea; and 2) always having each other's backs in the rare likelihood of verbal or physical assault. For instance, I imagine that if anyone were to say or try to do anything to Nae Il, Yoo Jin will shield her while simultaneously cussing out her attackers with just about every local Austrian German swearword he knows - as for Nae Il's defence of Yoo Jin...she'd actually get physical.


    But also, unlike the other three characters I've discussed so far, Yoo Jin and Nae Il would have some significant financial/career-related losses to deal with. Again, this is still a developing situation, so things can change at any given time, but even now, by March 2020, tons of classical performances have been postponed or cancelled worldwide, and as of today, I know that a number of Austrian cultural and performing arts institutions and venues (including the Musikverein in Vienna and the Stiftung Mozarteum - i.e. the performance venue I'd mentioned in my last fic - in Salzburg) are closing temporarily under the guidance of the Austrian government. All of which is, of course, for the greater good - and Yoo Jin and Nae Il are aware of that, to be sure - but that also means that if they'd had any performances scheduled for this time...those are out of the question. And considering that things like ticket sales make up a substantial portion of a musician's income...you can see where this is going.


    But hey, we're in the 21st century - so I do think they'll make it work as best they can. Yoo Jin, I think, would be perfectly fine just staying at home: practicing, studying scores, livestreaming any performances he can (as a pianist rather than a conductor), etc. Nae Il, though, would most likely end up more stir-crazy, so here's hoping Yoo Jin's got ideas on how to keep her occupied if they should ever have to stay home for weeks at a time.


    As for getting sick, I think Yoo Jin would be at less risk than Nae Il...but he'd also be more worried than her. Less risk because he's already very careful about his own health, personal cleanliness, and hygiene - disease prevention measures aren't that far a cry from what he already does at the best of times. But also, more worried because 1) he'd definitely be worried about Nae Il more than she would be about him (he tends to worry about her while she simply trusts him to have everything under control :P), and 2) as someone who's experienced several near-drowning incidents and developed PTSD as a result, any illness or injury that could potentially affect the lungs would be, quite frankly, absolutely terrifying. So maybe Yoo Jin needs Nae Il as much as she needs him: this time, to keep him calm and level-headed.


    And that's what I've got so far. Again, this is purely my own interpretation and conjecture - maybe you think the outcome would be different.


    Thanks for putting up with me and this post, and I promise you that the next thing I share here will be more optimistic and more my usual style. Stay strong, and stay healthy. Fighting! :thumbsup:

    While the stars are getting publicity, they are also encouraging others to come forward to help. You can spot the "look at me" ones vs the ones just wanting to help.

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