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  1. Also, when "voting" don't vote for any of the top three during any of the selections! It helps to move YSY up.
  2. You might have to refresh it several times before he shows up in the choices so don't get discouraged!
  3. Christmas has just begun! Today is the 2nd day of Christmas. It ends on 12th Night, which is January 6th.
  4. My theory is that after the reset, they all went on to other drama productions.
  5. I guess I am being nitpicky but at the end, his father would have been about 5 years old???? Or was his mother the only person from the future who had still been capable of time travel. Did she keep the knowledge to herself? Why was the Professor the only one who still remembered him?
  6. I keep suggesting Alice to Netflix as it would be great to add another of his dramas to their list of Asian programing.
  7. I agree that that remained unexplained and the question was asked but never answered as to why those with the scientific minds capable of time travel would fear a rather childish looking book of prophecy.
  8. I am confused. If time travel was reset, not a "thing" anymore, how did Mother from the future return to 1992 to give birth to Jin Gyeom? I would have liked to have seen a slightly different ending.
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