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  1. Would like to post something in this thread as it silence, but I believe everyone is praying for shk happiness and health & keep on eye on her activities. But as our beautiful Song Hye Kyo is currently take her own sweet time, we don't have any update about her, just some her new cf picture & endorsement. Wherever she been and whoever she with right now, i hope she knows that she is still loved by many of her supporter & fans. Silently or vocally. #alwaysstandbykyo
  2. @hush puppy thank you for the info, whatever happens already happens, I don't want to know more. Moving ahead & keep on praying for her success in life & career, now & forever.
  3. Yes, don't understand what they talk about and online translator also doesn't help. keep praying for her better life & happiness now & forever.
  4. Where did you heard this news? This is the first time I read something like this. Keep praying for her happiness in life & career now & forever.
  5. As we don't know what future ahead, this thread can remain shipping them as dots character. As I like to watch both of them in the drama. Forget about reality. That's some of the reason why we watch drama since it doesn't same as reality. And I still like to repeat watching shk drama.
  6. Hater will always be haters, whatever information you provide them they will continue to hate and true supporter always be supporter. I share a month of my pain with my sister. Luckily she heard my blabbering (all my family not a fan of korean entertainment). She said that if there is no haters it means the person Is not popular. Thus as our queen is very popular, so she have haters too. That's why I don't hate the other party. Just ignore his existance. He has his own supporter.
  7. Thanks @ahdrianaa for the translation. Whatever it is, I only stand by kyo. I'm not an avid fan of kdrama/kentertainment . Only support few of them. For actress only Song Hye Kyo. . Thank you all for sharing information, news & picture about her here.
  8. I think it is confirm as in her ig she already remove all those past memories. I will be happy if she happy again. I will not hate the other person but he just will be non existence in my memory.. Keep praying for her better & happiness in life & career in the future.
  9. With all the news that I read it helps me as her fans to accept the news and respond positively. We should focus more on her future career and work and pray for her better & happy future in life. The past is past, her star in true love doesn't align yet. While hurting and feel unbelievable after reading the news & some rumors/speculation I will slowly move on. Will waiting patiently for her next project soon. And hopefully can see her in some events for her cf/endorsement in a meanwhile as she will be missed. Queen of korean drama. After this mess clear & settle hopefully soon. I hope she will keep on updating her official ig account.
  10. Thank you @ahdrianaafor the interview script. Whatever her decision we will standby & support her. I keep on praying for her better & happy future. Looking forward for her birthday wearing a tiara. She already princess in many fans heart. And hopefully she will found her true prince later. When the timing is right.
  11. I'm shk fans, as I support him when they are together, and I'm heartbroken with the divorce news, I accept it as people can divorce due to personal difference and can't overcome it. 2 good people can also got divorce if they can't tolerate each other. Maybe it better for them in the future. Initially I don't question much about the way he announce the divorce, but after read some harsh comment from korean towards shk, I hope sjk really happy with his action that make her looks really bad in her own country. ( even 1%of korean that write it, it really show how bad & harsh reality the world their living). I don't believe any rumors or assumption made for both of them that lead towards the divorce as it is only them who know the real reasons.
  12. Actually I already try to move on and have been already move on with their divorce news. As I supporting shk, I wonder why most comment from korean in naver are really harsh towards her? I'm accepted that divorce can happens due to difference personality and they can't overcome the difference. Two goods people can be divorce if they can't overcome their difference and tolerate each other. But harsh and bad comments towards her really make me think bad about some korean. Does they want her to sad for a lifetime because the divorce? As I know many country have same negative people. When reading just some of the comment (as I have to save my heart from more heartache) from just ok I become quite annoyed towards sjk action. I don't want to blame him early the way he make the announce of the divorce, it make me wonder now is he feel happy now that his action make her looks very bad in her own country? (or is it just only 1%of korean netizan but when I read the English translation of the comment it's a big wow how people bashing people. It really a harsh reality) I hope he feels very happy right now. And I pray that shk can overcome this harsh world and have the strength to survive this hard moments. She is a strong women.
  13. I believe it is best if you delete the comment from shk thread, I know that you're sjk fan. As long as I support shk more, I will not blame or critize sjk as they have their own reason to divorce.

    Just keep supporting their movie, & carrier without blaming or misjudge the other part.

    Both of them already move on. We should be more educated when being a fan and supporter.

    It's hard but we should accept that it is the best for them. Both of their wounded will be heal thru time. Sjk will shine again for sure. He has his own supporter & fans.

    The reaction of international fans towards him occurs as there is bad speculation and assumption towards shk. Same like what you feel towards shk. It's really no good for your heart and them. Just keep on supporting him thru good and bad. 

    I'm her fan and I don't say that she an angle that make no mistake, she just a human and have a mistake and flaw. But as fan and supporter I admire how she potray her work & job. She the reason I keep watching kdrama n know many brand that she representing.

    Same like sjk for you for sure. 

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      hey nisa,


      thank you for your advice :blush::heart:

  14. Thanks to @leek and @ImAryaStark to keep me being rationalise and accepted the facts. I keep reading both your posting to overcome the heart ache (as I can't control it and I don't know why). Overtime it will be gone for sure.
  15. From business point of view I know why sulwhasoo need an explanation as it's korean brand and if korean people dislike her and don't buy her product it will effect their sells. That's the company business purpose. I do hope shk management explain her side in private to the company. To defend herself from this controversy and nasty comments. She surely will shine again when she get the strength to rise again. I hope after this issue dissolve she can held a fan meeting so we can go and show her support that she needed.
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