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  1. yeah I’ve been trying to search in online but I don’t see any. I wonder if it’s members only??? ... oops it’s is . Can’t share supposedly from what I’ve seen online.
  2. Yeah it’s pretty sad to hear about their fall-out. They have the best chemistry I’ve seen in K-drama. Hopefully they get to work together again in the near future and not 10 years from now like what they’ve said before in interviews. I wonder though what LDW meant about not dwelling in the past. I wonder what happened and with who?
  3. I wish I could travel to Korea too. but i’m too poor . Can you come to Canada pls! I wonder if he’s gonna do any vlive soon ? i wanna see his pretty face and voice
  4. Where are you Lee Dong wook? I heard he wasn’t on the end party for Strangers From Hell. Did he finally go on his long awaited break?
  5. hoho, I love his new poster. The truth behind his character .
  6. this looks very interesting. Can anyone please translate it?Thanks https://tv.naver.com/v/9693831?openType=nmp Btw did anyone watch the interview for “Hell is other people”? I haven’t seen it with English subs.
  7. thoughts? will wookie be the villain? https://twitter.com/leedongwookbr/status/1157074790005563392?s=21
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