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  1. I've read alot of comments here&on YouTube &they all have been very positive. I'm enjoying the drama more so in last couple episodes. I've been kind of surprised noone else has mentioned how thin he is in the drama. I think he's normally very attractive so Idk if it's the haircut/style in this particular drama or the fact that he's so thin& gaunt but it's almost distracting to me. I know the Korean culture is very obsessed with looks and being physically fit but I personally think most of the actors look better when their faces and bodies are little fuller and healthier looking. Like Hyun Bin in CLOY ....mind you he's always gorgeous but even more so there than say SG. She on the other hand is IMO absolutely stunning here. I've never thought of her as particularly beautiful although she did have her own unique look that worked. But this by far the prettiest she has ever been. Can't wait for next episodes!
  2. Thanks for info although not sure what that is either...sorry. Found it on google play. Although already paying for Viki&Netflix so guess I'll just be waiting for them to possibly pick it up
  3. Ok on what platform are you guys outside of Korea watching this drama? I'm dying to watch but only listing is on Lifetime Global. Apparently not the same Lifetime we have in US
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