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  1. Yum! Although the other kisses may be more sexy the ice cream kiss...those back muscles I mean even the back of his head looks sexy!!! I was so pleased that even though they were reserved characters they did give us some realistic intimate scenes. So much more fun to watch when they respond that way
  2. Seeing as how I'm now going through KMJ withdrawal I've started watching Flower Crew Joeson Marriage Agency and it's actually pretty cute. I had originally passed it over but as per usual once you come off the high of a drama you go stalk all their previous work lol. Worth the watch so far
  3. I just googled Poh Kim.com. I've bought others off Amazon and Ebay getting a few that had bad subs or bad quality discs...basically just taped off TV.
  4. @Sneha I usually buy the PohKim version seems to be best quality and it takes a while to come out
  5. IKR!!! His impromptu playfulness is awesome. Waiting till she turned around to open collar back up lol. Did you see part where they held hands up palms together...seems like our couple likes to touch and kiss for real. I'm still baffled by him holding her head and not breaking apart after "cut" and look at both their faces after
  6. What is it with that adorable head cocking thing and that smile precious. I love that she actually kissed back as in her lips moved not just standing there like a dead fish
  7. Was just watching the latest bts...the proposal kiss. I cannot even imagine how hard it would be to do those scenes and keep a straight face with everyone standing around. Obviously they had fun with it. He may be introverted but he has an adorable playful personality. Their chemistry is no joke....but then again when we really connect with a drama and the otp don't we always wish would become reality It's just too sweet they seem so comfortable with each other. The part when she's falling asleep standing up and he's watching her....OMG then he jumps forward to catch her when she starts
  8. He was so into that hug hard to tell if acting or real feelings there? They make cute couple real or fantasy
  9. Ok...I missed gif of him loosening his tie..??!!! He is sneakily sexy and yes the voice and his broad shoulders. I haven't been able to watch yet but I saw a clip on thread of her running up to him (when they called her bunny) and he was smiling so wide...adorable dimples.
  10. Omg....who knew he had it in him! Thank goodness for this forum it's the only way I'm surviving right now since VIKI hasn't even subbed yesterday's ep so this only way I get the good info. So glad she came to her senses...he's got the moves. So sweet love
  11. @ponderingsI saw it same way you did...I noticed how he turned to look at her while she played the 2nd part. I thought she did an amazing job so proud for her to be able to finally receive some positive feedback. Even though their passion for each other has been derailed at the moment I think it's those feelings they were able to share that spilled over into that performance..the feeling of being raw, honest and finally free to express how they choose rather than how they're expected to. I also thought the handkerchief in his pocket so sweet. I think even I didn't really realize the depth of h
  12. Still waiting for subs so watched it raw. SA is stunning in this episode! His "I love you" confession yay JY... about time you went after what you want....and SA now you decide to stand your ground and stand up for yourself! They've got to get on same page same time
  13. @Y.Q.I love this drama and love them both but seriously ....what the heck are they wearing??!!!
  14. Yeah I'm hoping. I knew VIKI did that I had just noticed someone mentioned in the discussion section about 15 episodes. We need 1 episode to get back together then last episode to BE together lol
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